Tooth extraction remnants

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Dec 9, 2008
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here's an interesting tale:-

And here's something unsettling: About a year after my (4) wisdom teeth were removed and the holes had healed, I noticed a small bump forming under the skin where my right/rear wisdom tooth had been. After a couple days of fiddling with it (with my tongue) I decided to check it out in the mirror and was surprised to see a little white toothy-looking thing poking through my gum. I was totally shocked and thought my wisdom tooth was growing back! I was away at college at the time so I couldn't get to my dentist and I wasn't in pain or anything, so I just let it go.
After about a week, the new "tooth" had sprouted through the surface of my gum and one day it started wiggling when I ran my tongue over it. Later that night, it became totally loose and I reached in and pulled it out. What it was was a chunk of tooth a little larger than a popcorn kernal that the dentist didn't remove. (I guess when she removed my teeth, they were so impacted, she had to shatter each tooth individually and pull out the pieces, rather than getting each tooth as a whole.) During the operation, she somehow missed a piece of tooth that was roughly 1/3 the size of a tooth! And it took a year for it to work its way to the surface.


Now I am not a dentist or student (ex geology student for my sins) but before you throw me out as an imposter this had also happened to me recently, though the single molar was only out about 4 weeks before my new "tooth" or more accurately sliver grew out and I self extracted with a pair of tweezers. Strangely I still have the original tooth and it looks like the whole tooth and not damaged.

Is this a common occurance and is it part of the old tooth or weird partial regrowth? Should I just forget about it ? many thanks for any assistance.

Good luck with your careers.


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