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Jul 16, 2001
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How does the topscore reading section compare to the real thing? It seems like it is really easy on topscore....everything is word for word from the passage and it's not very difficult to find the answers. Is the real test harder? Also, is the format the same? I really like how they put the question there and the passage right below.
How does the Ochem compare with the real test? I didn't do too well on Ochem so I am wondering how much my Topscore reflected what I will know for test day.
Any advice is appreciated!


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Oct 7, 2001
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The TopScore exams are good because they follow the actual format of the DAT. As you know, I thought the reading was very easy on the DAT. I also thought the OChem was easy.

If anything, I'd say the TopScore reading was nearly the same as the DAT, and the TopScore OChem was a bit harder. For the OChem I would add 1-2 pts to the score to compare it with the real DAT. Just my opinion, though.
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