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  1. TopscoreDAT


    TopscoreDAT 12 weeks programs, is a well structured online course with a daily schedule. The course program will smart track your progress, for better understanding of your improvement. Every on demand video or question in our exams will be effective in breaking down the hardest concepts on the...
  2. Gold Standard Multimedia

    DAT Test Prep Week Raffle: Win a free DAT 4-book set from Gold Standard!

    Win the DAT 4-book set developed by the Gold Standard DAT team of authors and editors with academic degrees in dentistry, medicine and the arts as well as Ivy League dental students with exceptional DAT scores (AA: 27). Our DAT books cover the most essential subjects and topics tackled in the...
  3. Gold Standard Multimedia

    DAT Test Prep Week Raffle: Win a free DAT PAT book from Gold Standard!

    Win a DAT PAT book to help you ace the PAT section. This book contains: detailed discussions and colored illustrations of strategies for each PAT section (keyhole, TFE, angle ranking, hole punching, cube counting, pattern folding) 1 full-length practice test with explanations covering the...
  4. A

    1 week left until the DAT...need advice.

    Exactly a week before my DAT..I DO NOT feel prepared at all. Unfortunately, my financial and time situation isn't the best so I really can not afford to reschedule it again. Any advice? I've taken 3 BC tests..have 2 more to take + ADA 2009. I'm reviewing about 20 q's of destroyer each day for...
  5. DentalBombshell

    DAT Study Material

    I am selling all of my old DAT Study Material for a great price! Includes: DAT Destroyer 2011, Math Destroyer 2011, Kaplan DAT Review Notes 2011, Kaplan Lesson Book 2011, CliffsAPBiology 3rd Edition, The Princeton Review MCAT Physical Science Review 2009 Edition and various Kaplan Flash Cards...