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Aug 10, 2004
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Dear friends:

I am wondering about one of the questions on the Touro NY secondary. It reads:

"Employment History/Health Care Experience"

Does this mean that we should put either of these things on the form? Or, are they only interested in employment insofar as it is "health care experience"?



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Jul 11, 2006
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I put down my employment history...this included places i've worked during college and since. I think there is another section where they ask for health experiences/volunteer, that is where i put down all my clinical experiences. Unless you work at a place where you obtain clinical experience, I think you can split the two.


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Jan 18, 2004
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That part was a bit confusing. I put down my employment history and then only other section was Physician shadowing.

As far as other clinical stuff, I just put that in the little 2/3 line section below where it says what other organizations were you part of.

Good luck!
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