Touro Montana Master's Degree

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Apr 5, 2023
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Hello! Excuse me in advance for not knowing my way around here very well, but I am new....Anyway, I was wondering if anybody has applied to the Touro Montana Master's degree and has any insight on the process. I have already applied and interviewed but the interview was bumpy....

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The interview was terrible in my opinion. The interviewer was very rude, rushed, and was extremely hard to understand (very, very thick accent). There were instances when he would interrupt me when speaking and simply move on to another question. One time while I was describing a more personal experience in the medical field he rolled his eyes at me. As the interview progressed, I felt more and more uncomfortable. I graduated less than a year ago from my bachelor's degree, yet he asked me to name all my published research, and when I said I was unpublished, he seemed VERY unimpressed. I do not know one student my age who is a published researcher yet, so this really confused me. Not feeling confident in the application right now.
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Why did you apply to a brand new program?
Because it's in the same town I live in! This area of Montana, it is very rural, and we do not often have these opportunities, so I was initially excited, but I definitely have my reservations about it now.
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