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Dec 25, 2002
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i'm a First year student at an osteopathic medical school.
i was wondering if anyone knows if its possible for me to transfer into an MD/PHD program?
DO/PHD would be ok but i don't know of any. (phd NOT in osteopathy but a basic science- maybe biochem or pharm).

i'm all about UNDERSTANDING diesease processes.
too many clincians i meet roll off a list of memorized diff dx and allgorhymically derived treatments w/o a thorough (as possible) understanding of the pathophys that's behind the symptoms observed.

what would i need to do to get in? i have basically 0 research experience(although i plan to be involved over the summer).
are there thing that are important for me know about the md/phd programs that wouldn't be obvious to a new comer? ex)tougher to get clinical residencies; that kind of thing.



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Apr 24, 2002
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OSU-COM has a DO/PhD program (biomedical sciences PhD in varying emphases). Don't know how they go about transfers, but I'm sure it is possible.


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Jan 3, 2003
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I have a friend who dropped out of podiatry school after one year and went to allopathic medical school. He was able to work it so that he could get some kind of masters degree. Only problem was, he still had to take the MD 1st year classes even though he took the same stuff at podiatry school.

The only reason I mention this is there is a certain similarity between what he did and what you want to do. Both of you are in programs that are overseen by distinctive organizations, and both of you wanted to get into programs that are overseen by the AAMC and LCME. You might be able to swing it, but within the context of a transfer? I don't know...sounds hairy.
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