Aug 10, 2015
Okay, so I think I've reached an impasse in my future career goals. Currently, I am working as a dental assistant and I am in the process of applying to dental school. The issue however is that the more time I spend working in a dental office, the more I fear that this career path isn't for me. As much as I love interacting with patients, I really do not enjoy the mindset of routine dentistry in that we typically have the same kind of cases day in and day out (resins, crowns, impressions etc.). I've always had a great interest in human physiology and how these precise interactions can be influenced from a pharmaceutical perspective. So, my question is, would I be totally insane to just throw away the past 4 years of pre-dental course work to pursue a career in pharmacy? Where would I even start?

Thanks guys!
Aug 10, 2015
You can start by applying for a pharmacy technician job especially in retail and see it from our perspective.

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That's what I was thinking. I definitely need to see first hand what it's like before I make any major decisions here. I'm more or less trapped in my current job until at least the end of December, are there any resources I could check out in the meantime that would give me insight into the field? Thanks!


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Aug 2, 2011
Also look at physician assistant if you want to stay in healthcare. Otherwise, computer programming, finance, accounting, engineering, etc. have job prospects as good as pharmacy if not better and do not require you to take out $200k+ in loans and spend another 4 years in school. Pharmacy is already very saturated and getting worse each year as more schools graduate their first classes.
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