1. D

    UofT PharmD 2022 Admission Cycle

    Hello! I thought I should create this thread so we can talk to each other about the admission process and share our process
  2. morgan97

    Debating a PharmD

    I’ve been in a little conundrum lately trying to figure out where to take my life/career, and have been considering pharmacy, but would love to get input from someone who is a pharmacist/going through pharm school. I received my bachelors degree in kinesiology in 2019, and am pursuing a masters...
  3. Nilooniloo

    What are your reasons for picking pharmacy?

    Hello everyone, I've been going through a lot of conversations and threads and I've seen way too many arguments and mixed opinions on this website. I'm doing a lot of research and making sure pharmacy will be right for me and I want to make sure that my reasoning for going into pharmacy is...
  4. T

    Loma linda class 2024

    Hi all i was interviewed in November 26 from loma linda pharmacy school and they put me on the alternate list class 2024. Any one know if they pull people from the alternate list or should I lose the hope i will have my bachelor degree next may and my Science gpa 3.0 and cumulative gpa 3.5 ...
  5. P

    Creighton pharmacy stats help

    hey guys I was wondering if anyone here who has been accepted to the Creighton pharmacy school would be willing to share some insight and answer some questions.. I’m still in the process of taking my prereqs and I’m a strong student now; but unfortunately when I first attended college many...
  6. aktwenty47

    July 2018 PCAT

    Hey guys! So I'm planning on taking the PCAT for the first time in July and have a few questions. Even if you don't have answers, feel free to post your own opinions to my questions or any other questions you might have about the upcoming PCAT! 1. When did you first take the PCAT? I've been...
  7. D


    I've been trying to compare these two great schools but would really like the community's input for the pros and cons/ experiences from each college. I am an out of state applicant to both schools. It would be my first time at both locations. My goal is to get into an inpatient residency and...
  8. T

    PHARMCAS Application Verification

    How long did it took for your PHARMCAS app to get verified? I submitted mine on December 27, 2017 and it finally reached COMPLETE status on monday after one of my transcripts finally arrived. Will taking so long hurt my chances at getting into pharmacy school??
  9. N

    How likely am I to get in?

    What's my chance of getting into pharmacy school? According to PharmCAS, my science GPA is 3.52 and the cumulative is 3.76. I'm also a biology major, minor in chemistry, and will be graduating in May, so my GPA includes courses not required for pharmacy school. I took the PCAT in October and I...
  10. J

    Job market on the east coast

    I keep seeing how saturation is bad in California and other places on the west coast but how is the market and how are the pharmacy schools on the east coast?
  11. P

    PharmCAS: Ongoing class at UCB Extension so transcript was placed on hold; what do I do?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post so I'm hoping I'm doing this right lol I'm freaking out right about now. I thought I submitted everything to PharmCAS on time by the November 1st deadline. I requested all 4 of my transcripts at the end of September. It turns out one of them was placed on...
  12. P

    Pre pharmacy prereqs Help!

    Hello, I was wondering if it looks bad if I take the human physiology prereq at a different university for my pre-pharmacy courses as an undergraduate. The reason I am thinking about taking it at another university is because I have already went to the course at my university and the same...
  13. T

    Getting a pharmacy internship after my first year of pre pharmacy

    I am a student at St. Johns (6 year PharmD program). I am a freshman, but I don't want to waste my summer and I wanted to look into a pharmacy internship. Do pharmacies or any companies accept interns, or when should I look to get an internship (what year).
  14. J

    Post-Bacc and Getting into Pharmacy School. Low GPA.

    Hello All, I am trying to pursue pharmacy school but I was wondering what I should do to help my chances to get in with my situation. A little background of myself -- - I graduated with a degree in Public Health Sciences at UC Irvine ( FALL 2013) with a low overall GPA specifically 2.6. -...
  15. L

    For Sale Dr. Collins PCAT 2016 and Pearson tests

    Hello, I got accepted to my top choice university *yeah* so now I am selling my Dr. Collins 2016 and with all the study guides, solutions and updates for Fall 2015, July 2015 and January 2016. I've kept them very careful with no notes or highlights at all. I also have a CD of Pearson 2015...
  16. The Recoverer

    GUIDE on FINDING A Pharmacy Technician JOB for Pre-Pharmers (for dummies)

    Depending on the area you live in, finding a pharm tech job may be easy or close to impossible. A few years ago when I decided on pharmacy, I remember the drive I had to find a job in a pharmacy as a tech, heck even as a volunteer or a shadower. Bottom line, many applicants overlook the...
  17. F

    Submitting supps and verified application

  18. L

    PCAT retakes for same admissions cycle

    So I originally signed up to take the PCAT this January but after some time, got worried that this may be too late for applying to pharmacy schools, especially since those I am interested in have rolling admissions. So I am now signed up to take the PCAT in 4 weeks...even though I feel VERY...
  19. G

    DPM, PharmD, MD, DO, NP, CRNA, PA,Please Help with my planning!!!

    Hi everyone, I would DEEPLY appreciate responses regarding my career. I am almost 24 years old, and will finally receive my degree 1/03/2017 in Health Sciences. I still haven't taken Ochem, Physics, and Calculus. I was planning on becoming a PA, and thought it was my ABSOLUTE dream. However...
  20. C

    Transition from Dental to Pharm?

    Okay, so I think I've reached an impasse in my future career goals. Currently, I am working as a dental assistant and I am in the process of applying to dental school. The issue however is that the more time I spend working in a dental office, the more I fear that this career path isn't for me...
  21. S

    Need advice- Should I apply this cycle?

    Heya, so now that I've taken the July PCAT I'm more informed on how my application stands. Problem is I don't know if I want to apply this cycle or wait until next years. Here are my stats: -PCAT 95% composite (prelim, but I don't think the official grade will change much) Bio 98% Chem 96%...