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  1. F

    WAMC 19AA 3.81 GPA

    Date of submission: 6/6 app verified Overall GPA: 3.81 Science GPA: 3.81 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: DAT score (include AA and all sections): 19 AA, 19 TS, 19 bio, 18 gen Chem, 18 orgo, 20 RC, 20QR, 21 PAT State of Residence: PA Undergrad Attended: Ursinus College Major: Neuroscience Minority? No...
  2. predental.Em


    Date of submission: Have not submitted, planning on submitting June 1, 2023 Overall GPA: 3.3 Science GPA: 3.4 Deleted. — School list: **** NEED SUGGESTIONS! UF NOVA Lecom midwestern az NYU
  3. D

    AMA: D2 at Penn Dental

    Ask me anything! Finishing up my 1st semester of D2 year
  4. kabd

    Academic Dishonesty — in desperate need of advice

    Currently, I am a second year undergraduate majoring in bioengineering. I am in a bit of a predicament and am in need of advice. I made a stupid mistake and received a grade of ‘XF’ in organic chem 2 in the summer prior to my second year. I had a 4.0 my first year, and the academic infraction...
  5. artist2022

    LSU Dental School Class of 2026 Interview/Acceptance Thread

    Good luck everyone! Link to last years thread: LSU Dental School Class of 2025 Interview/Acceptance Thread Link to interview prep: Louisiana State University New Orleans School of Dentistry Interview Feedback ----> Be sure to give feedback on your interview to help future applicants! :)
  6. N

    Low GPA Dental Schools

    Has anyone applied to dental schools with a GPA slightly below 3.0? If so, is there a list of dental schools that look at applications holistically, and accept low GPAs but high DAT scores?
  7. 0


    I am applying to Dental school this cycle,
  8. johnnytsunami27

    WAMC, Pre-Dental 3rd year, cGPA 3.87, sGPA 3.86, Applying this cycle!

    Cumulative GPA: 3.87 Cumulative science GPA: 3.86 UC GPA: 3.66 UC Science GPA: 3.65 Biochem-physics GPA: 3.71 I’m a transfer from a CC, don’t know if that matters or not but there’s the stats^^ DAT score: (thinking about retaking it Mid-June lmk your suggestions though and if it will affect my...
  9. H

    How shaky can my hands/fingers be before I have to worry about them affecting the physical examination in schools?

    Highschool senior here. Looking to start my pre-dental journey hopefully in September! I've been fascinated with dentistry ever since I met my dad's dentist. Sometimes he guides me through what he's doing, and that eventually evolved into my passionate curiosity and fascination with dentistry...
  10. J

    Dental COVID Complications

    Hey guys, first time poster here. I’m currently a pre-dental sophomore at a private college, and I’m finding it really hard to find dental opportunities. I switched last April to pre-dental from premed and kinda feel left behind. I currently have 40 hours of dental shadowing and 10~ hours of...
  11. A

    What are my chances?

  12. A

    Aspiring Dental Student with low GPA options?

    Cal Poly Undergraduate. Junior (Senior standing). 2.7 overall GPA. Planning to take DAT this summer (2019). Have worked in a Dental Office for 4 years. (I have also logged about 2000 hours of dental related shadowing) I was planning on applying to Dental School this cycle, but after this...
  13. rpsb16

    When to take the DAT/ Life Advice- VERY Complicated Case

    Ok so i'll try to make this as short as possible. My overall gpa is 2.69, and I am in second year university with a bit less than half of my courses completed in my degree (took a bit less than a full course load these two years) . I have been getting almost all A's so far in second year (just...
  14. ThatoneKorean

    Low uGPA, relatively high gGPA and DAT, and good LoR + EC

    Hi as the title says I have a low overall uGPA ( 2.86 ) but an above average gGPA ( 3.66, I am assuming it's above average since my Grad director said the average GPA is 3.4-3.5 ) and DAT ( 22 ). Other thing to mention is that I have an upward undergrad trend ( 1.86 in my Freshman year to a 3.52...
  15. rpsb16

    Destined for Failure ? Being Naive? Or just Ignorant towards Reality?

    Ok. long story short. Im a Canadian in 2nd year university, currently trying to offset 4 C+'s , 1 C , 1 D+ from first year . In second year now , i got 2 B+'s, and 4 A's so far. NOW, I calculated my maximum gpa and i can only get a 7.8/9 scale (which is 3.8). I know all of the Cutoffs in canada...
  16. Biggytooth

    Have I been waitlisted or is this a common email sent out for today (first day of acceptance not.s)

    Hi, I applied to a number of dental programs this cycle. Among them was Marquette University. I received an email today saying that quote: "The Admissions Committee of the Marquette University School of Dentistry has reviewed your application and supporting credentials for the 2019 Freshman...
  17. K

    Studying for the DAT In One/two Month?

    Has anyone studied for the DAT in a month? I'm thinking about taking mine in the beginning of February but I won't have much time to study before my winter break. However once I start studying, I can dedicate 12 hours daily since I'm going to quit work to focus on studying.
  18. D

    Anatomy and Physiology TextBook Recomendation

    AnP textbook recommendation to pregame for dental school? Haven’t taken AnP and would like to be familiar with the content when I start school next year.
  19. X

    Dealing with the process

    Okay, I've decided to enlist in the military. I have already taken my asvab, but as you know today is labor day and all the military recruiting offices are closed. I've decided to join the military ( which branch Air force or Army?) . I'll be 24. Before I ask any questions I have about 30...
  20. J

    Opinions on getting interviews!

    Hey guys this is my first post on here I just wanted to get some ideas of my chances for getting interviews or whether I should potentially retake the DAT! I took it for the first time yesterday morning and my scores were as follows: BIO: 20 GC:18 OC:27 RC:21 QR:19 PAT:20 TS:20 AA: 21 I have a...
  21. N

    What do I do if I'm currently enrolled in pre-requisites but I have already applied?

    I submitted my application mid-August and I am currently doing the course matching section for my transcripts. However, I am currently enrolled in the second semester of physics as well as biochemistry but since these courses were not complete at the time I had my official transcripts sent to...
  22. N

    Do all dental schools require a supplemental application?

    I submitted my application to multiple dental schools about 5 days ago. Since then I've gotten an email from two different schools asking to complete a supplemental application but nothing from the other schools. Will I eventually need to complete a supplemental application for all of the schools?
  23. P

    applied in june, dat first week of september too late?

    I applied in june so everything is verified for me, I have close to a 3.6 overall GPA and around 3.5 science GPA. Im non traditional student and speaking to admissions at a state school she said my app looks great. Im waiting on taking my DAT In September within the first 2 weeks of sep? is that...
  24. D

    Requirements and Questions for Students at Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine

    Hi! I was recently told that Case Western is changing a lot of things in their dental school. I'm really considering this school so if anyone can help me out with these questions, that would be wonderful! 1.) What are the clinical requirements for graduation? Number of crowns, restos...
  25. J


    Hey guys! I'm currently filling out the AADSAS and I had a question on the Experiences section. I have been in a few organizations where I was a regular member, and then took on leadership roles in those organizations. Should I specifically only highlight the times when I held leadership...
  26. D

    Do dental schools really look at updated DAT- Rejection?

    I am retaking my DAT end of June and wanted to apply early since my stats aren't that good. 3.0 sgpa, 3.5 opga and 3.3 bcp. My old DAT score is a 19 aa and 20 TS. I've been studying and feel like I can score 23+( based on current practice exams). Should I wait until I have my new DAT score (...
  27. thelazyvaca

    Current status, and a few questions. How am I doing? I NEED y'alls help!

    I am currently starting my second Summer here at my university in Texas getting ready to enter my junior year as a Pre-Dent. With as much excitement I am feeling towards my future, I have concerns and worries as well. With all the concern, I have multiple questions I would like to ask everyone...
  28. I

    Should I talk about switching from pre-opt to pre-dent in my PS?

    For my last two years of undergrad, I was pre-opt. I shadowed, did internships, and even took my OAT. After working full time at an opt office after graduation, I realized opt wasn't for me anymore. For a time, I didn't have any sense of direction and was just working for a year as an admin...
  29. M

    Masters or Post-bacc? Abysmal sGPA 2.76 & oGPA 3.0 for aadsas gpa pls help

    Okay, (this is my first post on SDN so I apologize if I'm a bit ignorant to finer details of posting etiquette) I recognize with massive clarity that I'm in a horrible situation, and I'd really appreciate some advice. I've finally mostly, gotten past the sad stage and now I just want to improve...
  30. X

    What should I do?

  31. N

    How is the outlook for dentistry?

    I'm planning on applying to dental school soon and I've been doing some reading lately on corporate dentistry vs. private practice. IMO, after all the work that needs to be done in order to become a dentist, not becoming my own boss by working for corporate dentistry seems very unappealing. Will...
  32. V

    DAT Breakdown 2018 (19 PAT/20 QR/25 RC/18 BIO/16 GC/25 OC/18 TS/20 AA)

    Hello! I am planning on applying this June, but am a little worried about my numbers. I have a 3.0 GPA and I didn't do super well (Bs and Cs) in my core science classes in undergrad. I don't have high hopes in terms of top schools, but would I be able to get in to any schools with my GPA + DAT...
  33. D


  34. Dentalman1234

    Dental School chances?

    Hey guys, I'm a Junior in college doing a Human Biology major and was wondering what my realistic chances are of getting in to dental school. I have yet to take the DAT which I'm doing after I take organic chem 2 in the summer. Also I have a stuttering problem which I filed as a disability at my...
  35. T

    Just making sure I'm not crazy for trying!

    I am a very non traditional student, have an associates in digital photography from 12 years ago and used to be a pastry chef). I got my associate degree with a 2.15 gpa and took some community college classes for fun when I had nothing else to do because I was having lots of oral surgeries(two...
  36. B

    First Time Applicant/Reapplication -- Advice Please!

    State of Residency: WI Major: Biology Minor(s): Chemistry and Leadership Current Career GPA: 3.27 Biology GPA: 3.2 Chemistry GPA: 3.14 DAT Scores(AA/Science/Organic/General/Biology/RC/QR/PA): 19/19/18/18/20/20/17/17 Application Date: Late June/First week of July Schools I applied to: Western...
  37. wontonamera

    When to apply for dental school? Help please!

    Hey guys, so I wanted to share my stats and some info about me and get some feedback on when it would be best for me to apply to dental school. I am currently a senior at my university and will be graduating in May 2018 with a Bachelor's in Psychology and a minor in Biology. I had originally...
  38. whosnisarg

    ECs during Undergrad

    Hey, guys! :) Starting my undergrad at Montclair State University (Major: Molecular Biology; Concentration: Medicine; Minor: Public Health) with the hopes of going to Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (I’m applying for their 7 year program my junior year to be more specific). I was wondering...
  39. G

    Drop a grad class to study for DAT?

    I graduated with my bachelors in 2015 (biomedical science), applied to dental school and didn't get in so I called it quits for a while (I also applied my junior year but I definitely wasted my money - I had low stats for everything). I began working as a dental assistant after graduation and...
  40. J


    Hello all, I have just begun prepping for the dat. I have just finished with week one and have realized I am struggling with gen chem. All i have been doing is dat bootcamp. Idk if its Mike's videos or if ive just forgotten alot of the material. I need more practice and the quiz problems and...