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Turtleboard's Removal ?????

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by Leotigers, Mar 15, 2001.

  1. "I no longer post at SDN, and have removed all of my posts, due to my reluctance to contribute to SDN, and to this board, until your privilges as a moderator have been revoked. As I stated before, I have found your use of this board to be abusive, unprofessional, and unbecoming of a SDN moderator.

    It is apparent you did not learn anything from our previous conversations, so I have taken it upon myself to forward a letter outlining my grievances to the moderator of this board, the administration, and the founder of SDN."

    I have been a member here for awhile and am quite familiar with many of the members here.

    I think the removal of Tim as a moderator would be a mistake. He has been one of the most helpful members on this forum. He has engaged in some jabs but only with willing participants. None of the jokes were personal.

    Although he is an allopathic medical student and I am an osteopathic medical student, we agree on many issues regarding medicine. Even the ones that we disagree on, I feel his comments have always been based on informed and intelligent conclusions.

    He surfs these forums daily and has provided helpful and useful information to all pre-MDs and pre-DOs. I have also noticed that he has provided useful information to dental, optometry, and podiatry students. Often he is the only one responding to fields in which their own members have not provided answers.

    I have also seem him properly moderate some inflammatory comments on the Allopathic forum. I think the fact that so many DOs, DMDs, and MDs ask him for his advice is a testimony to his usefulness on this forum. 99.999% of the members realize that his jokes are just that. His jabs are never personal or vulgar.

    I do not see any reason to remove him as a moderator. Especially since all his jokes were made in the pre-dental section where he is not even a moderator. His posts have been exemplary on all the other topics. Even his posts in the pre-dental (which he is not a moderator) have been helpful. There are some threads that were meant not meant to be taken seriously. There were dentists taking shots at him too. In any event, it was understood by all members that it was all in fun and they never invaded a serious thread. The fact that there continues to be serious questions on the pre-dental section is further testimony that the members there understand his respect for the dental profession.

    I would be sorely disappointed if the SDN CEOs removed Tim. I think this action would be extreme and an insult to him. His devotion to all the members here is remarkable. He should be thanked rather than removed.

    Your decisions are entirely up to you but this would affect my opinion and the utility of this site if you insulted one of your members in this way. To remove him is to say that you do not understand that he has been very instrumental to the success of this site. This would also say that you do not understand that his comments were innocent and his respect for all fields are genuine.

    Even if you disagree with his posts on the pre-dental forum, they weren't made on the forum he moderates (Allopathic). You don't need to respond since this is a private issue, but I just wanted you to know that he has my support.

    Thank you for your time.

    - Leotigers, MS IV (TUCOM)
  2. OP

    Timothy has resigned as moderator.

    We appreciate his contributions.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Jim Henderson, MD
    CEO of SDN Communications, Inc.
    The Student Doctor Network

    [This message has been edited by SDN-Jim (edited 03-15-2001).]
  3. DentGuy1180

    DentGuy1180 New Member

    Mar 14, 2001
    Likes Received:
    I am writing concerning Turtleboard's removal. After reading that he has been removed as a moderator, I have to say I am greatly pleased by this action. I found his comments to be unprofessional, inappropriate, and unbecoming of a future doctor. I realize he is writing "all in good fun," but there is a more appropriate place to do this then a forum in which people go to for the purpose of sharing ideas and information. If one wanted to "joke and tease" others "all in good fun" about one's profession, this sort of behavior should be left among good friends and on personal time. I use the Student Doctor Network to gain valuable information and as a tool to enhance my understanding of my future profession--not as a place to conduct personal conversation or "fun attacks on others." SDN is a powerful tool in the information highway and if used appropriately, it can bring forth a collaborative effort and support among pre-professionals and professionals in the idea of advancing the understanding of the field of dentistry. With great enthusiasm, I look forward to the continued efforts of the dental community.

  4. OP


    It is your right and opinion to request that his posts be removed. If he was the moderator for the dental forum I would understand your concern. He is the moderator for the Allopathic forum. I don't think we need to have 100% of our posts serious.

    Many of your dental colleagues were not offended by his actions. In fact, I would say that activity picked up in this section after Tim started posting. Also, being able to joke with your fellow health professionals, demonstrates a healthy relationship.

    What does being the moderator of the Allopathic forum have to do with the pre-dental forum. Perhaps your energies should be directed at anonymous users who hide behind a fake identity. At least Tim has the courage to tell us who he really is.

    - leo
  5. CalBear

    CalBear Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    Likes Received:

    You seem to be missing the point entirely. Whether or not Turtleboard was the moderator of the pre-dental forum, or the allopathic forum makes no difference. The point is that he WAS a moderator for a SDN forum while making posts on the pre-dental forum that were unprofessional, argumentative, and unbecoming of a future physician or of a SDN moderator. You are wrong in your assumption that many of us were not offended. I'm sure that there were some who weren't, but there were others like myself who were. I had made my sentiments known to Turtleboard, and had asked several times to refrain from posts that were insulting to myself, and to dentistry in general. Instead of acknowledging my requests, he would become argumentative and would persist in his actions. I had become so disenchanted with the SDN forums, that I vowed not to return until some disciplinary action was taken in regards to his behavior here.

    As a pre-dental student who will be entering dental school in the Fall, I used the boards to learn from others and to share with others, what I have learned in regards to the application process, interviews, etc. While Turtleboard may have been helpful to others at a different board, his behavior here fostered an environment that defeated the purpose of the pre-dental forums.

    I applaud SDN for acting in the best interest of the users of SDN, and for taking action to maintain the integrity and professionalism of these forums.

  6. OP


    I'm not a moderator so I'm free to say what I feel. Get a life !!!! There were only two people here offended by Tim's posts. You and the moderator of this forum. The other DMD/DDS members understood that he had was kidding and had a lot of respect for other dentists.

    Why is it that so many other users here understand that Tim has respect for all health professionals? If you can't seem to take a joke, maybe you shouldn't become a dentist. Patients like their dentists to smile and have a sense of humor. Did you write NBC and threaten to boycott them if they didn't remove the Anti-dentite jokes on Seinfeld. Okay, perhaps this isn't the same thing. What is SDN? It is a forum on the web where any user can come on and create an anonymous id. Like I just did. If Tim were really out to bash the dentist, why didn't he just create an ID named "MD Reject"? Why? Because he is professional, respectful, and generally cares about promoting this forum. This is more than I can say about myself and many other users here.

    You don't need to be so defensive and insecure. My goodness, this is a forum on the WEB. Anyone can register an anonymous username here, including moderators. How do you know that I'm not the dental moderator? How do you know that I'm not you?

    If you want to participate in a forum that allows for stricter registration procedures, go there!!!! I come here because it is fun and informal. I am willing to bet that 99% come for the same reason.

    Med School, Dental School, Pre-med, and Pre-dental life sucks the big one. It's nice to come here and horse around with others who can relate to my struggles. We can all find more credible sources for information somewhere else. One can argue that Medschool.com has more information that this site. The fact that this site has been allowed to run loose has been instrumental in it's success.

    I truly feel bad for you. You've been unable to participate in the fun, which is the main reason people come here. Believe me, this is not the most credible site for information. In fact, Tim is one of the only credible sources here. Lighten up. There are plenty of other credible sources. For instance, why should we believe anything you say, CalBear? Who are you? What is your name? How do I know that you aren't just a Pharmacist trying to screw around and provide false information on the dental board.

    Come on, if you want this type of 'anal' forum, you could have gone somewhere else. This is not the reason why many people come here. To be honest, I am glad that Tim is a moderator. It is nice to see one of the moderators participate on this site so passionately. You never see any of the moderators on POL or Medschool.com. We all know exactly how successful those sites are.

    Can't you just acknowlege the fact that you may have overreacted? I will not threaten to boycott like you so professionally did, but I will say that many users here will lose interest in this site. If we don't come here because it is fun, they we won't give out any knowledge we might have. Who wants to come to a site where everyone is 'anal' and has no sense of humor. If you didn't like the tone of this site, you should've left it as is. Isn't this what compassionate people do? Make a personal sacrifice for the greater good? Maybe the greater good is for us to have a little fun after a long and crappy day.
  7. CalBear

    CalBear Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    Likes Received:

    As far as I know, you probably are Turtleboard!

    It would have made it convenient for you start all the trouble you have, while hiding your true identity... Not to mention that you always seem to post within minutes of Turtleboard and as soon as Turtleboard's posts slowed down, yours picked up where he left off...

    Just a thought..


    [This message has been edited by CaLBear (edited 03-16-2001).]
  8. OP

    Dear Tooth Fairy,

    I wasn't looking to pick a fight but since you started..... Don't insult Tim by projecting your insecurities about your true identity onto him. Gee... you are a big man hiding behind your anonymous id, Calbear.

    One might even argue that dentguy1180 is you!!! A new user from CA created today that supports your opinions? How many insecure pre-dents are here in CA? Certainly not DrDMD05 or dds2B.

    You really are intelligent !!! I can see why you are pre-dental and not pre-med. Ouch!!!
    Good thing I'm not a moderator. I hope this doesn't affect my request to be a moderator. Too bad Tim isn't around because he would have moderated by comments. [​IMG]

    Are the moderators happy now? Look who you've exchanged Tim for. A paranoid pre-dental student.

    If he hasn't been around long enough to know that I am not Tim, then perhaps he hasn't been around long enough to know that Tim is really a nice guy whose intentions are sincere.

    Who here doesn't know that I am not Tim? Tim is from New York and I am from Northern California, Sherlock!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] To get to UC Berkeley, I would take the 80 West. From UC Davis I would pass Davis, Fairfield, Vacaville, Vallejo, Pinole, and El Cerrito. I'm not really sure what exit. I prefer to visit Stanford. I'm not too fond of the Stanford Wannabes at UC Berkeley. Everyone knows that UC Berkeley is the place for bitter and defensive Stanford and MD Rejects. [​IMG] Just kidding, big man!!! I know Home Depot and Ikea is East of the 80 freeway. Any other questions about directions.

    You are one insecure tooth fairy.

    P.S. " It sure would have made it convenient for you to start all the trouble you have"

    I vote for a Verbal and Grammar section on the DAT. [​IMG]

    Tip: Try MD word next time, it works much better than MS word or DDS word. It's available on CD-ROM. Want directions to Silicon Valley?

    MAAT, who is the paranoid one now? [​IMG]

    SEEK STANFORD MDs -- MEAT, M.D. (Stanford)

  9. OP

    Even after your edit, you still got it wrong. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "It would have made it convenient for you to start all the trouble you have"


  10. Nancy

    10+ Year Member

    Dec 11, 1998
    Likes Received:
    >> I prefer to visit Stanford. I'm not too fond of the Stanford Wannabes at UC Berkeley.<<

    Speaking of Stanford, will they win the Big 4? They're my pick, but then I picked Hofstra and Gonzaga too...
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