Two of my updated LORs weren't submitted to AMCAS until today

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Jun 27, 2013
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So back when I was doing my primary, I submitted all my letters to AMCAS via Interfolio. Two of them didn't have official letterhead so I had the writers resubmit them and I selected to resend them to AMCAS. However, I guess I never put in the letter ID into Interfolio so they never actually sent. I just now had them sent. However, I've pretty much finished all my secondaries at this point. What should I do? Do I resubmit my AMCAS to all my schools? Does this effectively make my app complete today rather than two months ago when I submitted my secondaries? So far I haven't heard back from any schools, could this be why?
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Jul 26, 2009
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If the letters have been updated from interfolio to AMCAS with the same letter ID, the new letters will be appended to existing letters. Let schools with a VERY BRIEF (1-3 sentences) note
1) You learned some letters dod not have letterhead
2) writers have now uploaded them
3) i apologize for any inconveience
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