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Mar 18, 2003
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Any current osteopathic medical students willing to share your day-to-day experiences? Exam schedules? Social life?


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Oct 27, 2003
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I'm in my second semester of my first year at NSU, and this is what my day/week is typically like. We have exams every Monday, so that is basically dictating a lot of my study time.

6:30--get up, shower, get dressed
7:00--leave for school
7:30--get to school, get MY seat :D get some tea, and chill out
8:10--classes start. Lecturesgo from 8:10 to noon, with 10 minute breaks every hour. More tea, bathroom breaks, snacks, occassional naps, etc
Noon--lunch, sometimes lunch meeting or eating lunch w/prospective student
Afternoons--depnding on the day, either 2 hours of lecture or lab from 1-3, then another 2 hours of the opposite from 3-5. Some days end at 3, and fridays end at noon.
Every other friday I go to the doctor's office, but only 6 times this semester.
Get home around 6 pm, let dogs out, feed them, eat some dinner, watch a little TV to chill out.
7 PMish---study for whatever test I have on the monday coming up. If i have a small lab write-up to do (Clinical Practicum) I will do that at some point, usually Thursday night. If I need a break from the one main subject I'm studying, I'll work on something else for an hour. I try to go to bed around 11 or 12 at night, depending on my level of exhaustion.

Weekends---study most of the day, take some time off at night for my husband.

Sounds kind of boring when I see it all in writing. If I study w/friends on the weekend, we end up stopping around 9 pm or so, and having a few drinks to chill out. Some days I have evening events w/various community service things that I do.

Oh, one more thing. I teach for a test prep company but only certain sections, so some night I spend 3 hours teaching, but its not a big deal. My last class is this Tuesday anyway. If I proctor a simulated test, then I bring my books and sit there and study.


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Oct 16, 2002
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7:30 wake
8:15 (roughly :) ) get to school, head to library
catch up on email, all the other administrative stuff
want you to fill out (class evals, community service)
read bible (may seem a little personal but I think it is
very important to have some sort of faith to help you
perspective in school)
8:45ish- start studying, study till about noon, break for lunch
1300- usually have some sort of required lab/class at this time till
usually 1600 or 1700. e.g. gross lab, manip lab, clin med...
1730- get home, eat dinner, watch some Raymond and King of
Hill, wife time
1900- start studying again, usually till about 2100 or 2200, when
I go work out till about 2300 or so.
then, I go home, hit the sack usually by about 1 am or so (after a little messing around watching TV, doing dishes, etc.)

You may note that there is no time in there for attending lectures. For me, lecture tended to be internet play time or massive ADD attacks in the middle of lecture. Gave them after about a month. Hasn't changed my grade, but has given me alot more time to study. There are probably 2 days a week I study an hour at the most then just hang out with friends/family/wife. On weekends, usually study about 4-5 hrs on Sat . Tests every Monday (roughly) and typically study from about 1500 till about 2 or 3 AM days of test. It may seem like I study alot, but it really doesn't bother me. I still probably work less than most doctors in practice, so I figure these are the easy years.
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