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Oct 13, 2007
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Hello SDN-er's, I'm in grade 12 in Vancouver and I hope to make it to UBC next year. I've been lurking and reading for a bit, but I have some specific questions:

What is recommended: going full tilt first year to get all the prereqs done to apply in the first year? Or spread it out over two years (or more) and get some of the pharmacy courses done to lessen the load?

For the science faculty requirement, you must take Chem111+113 or Chem121+123 - is the second combination better for pre-pharm?

Also, what is the average GPA needed for a high school student to get into the faculty of science? What about early admission? Gosh, if someone can post their grade 12 marks that'd be great! I'm taking Calculus 12 this year (did Math 12 last year) - is that useful for university in general?

Did anyone only apply to UBC, or are there other universities in Canada that don't need any travelling in order to apply (e.g. no interview)?

The UBC 2006 and 2007 threads really helped, btw. This site is awesome :D

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ubc uses percentage

last year i think the sci entrence % was greater than 86%

not sure, i got in using IB marks

i applied to only UBC