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  1. auoz1

    UC Davis Post Bacc - Personal Statement Questions

    Hello, I just joined this forum and would like to ask for some help with a writing assignment. I was wondering if anyone who has applied to the UC Davis Pre-Med Post-Bac program before, would be willing to share what questions were asked for the personal essays? I am working on a personal...
  2. T

    UC Davis Preference for own UGs?

    I have heard some rumors floating around that UC Davis's med school prefers their own undergraduates. I was wondering if this is true? I have searched around for proof or evidence to the contrary, but I've got nothing much, and MSAR doesn't have this info. I know for sure Davis heavily prefers...
  3. R

    UCLA (Need-Based Scholarship) vs. UC Davis (Merit-Based Scholarship)

    Hey guys! I've been fortunate enough to receive acceptances at two wonderful locations, however, I'm struggling to decide which place would be a better fit for the next four years of my life. UCLA DGSOM vs UC Davis UCLA Pros: Prestige - may help with residency applications Attended undergrad...
  4. I

    Taking Animal Physiology online

    I am an undergrad student who doesn't need to take animal physiology to graduate. However its a required course for some vet schools. Does anyone know if you can be enrolled at two universities (one of them online). I'm not sure if I need this course to transfer to my current school to...
  5. KitKatDVM

    Cornell vs UC-Davis: Dairy and Food Animal

    Hi everybody! I'm a senior animal science student with a deep interest in pursuing dairy production medicine. I've been accepted into both Cornell and UC-Davis c/o 2023. Now I'm struggling to choose between the two: both great schools, but can you answer some questions that might help me...
  6. neurologyplzzz

    UC Postbaccalaureate Consortium 2019-2020 Cycle

    Hi all, the 2019 application should open any day now so I wanted to start a new thread for the upcoming cycle. Feel free to ask any questions and let's do our best to help each other during this stressful process.
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical UC Davis School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips

    According to the U.S. News and World Report, UCDSOM is ranked #10 for primary care and #39 for research. This medical school campus is unique in that they have seven student-run clinics: Paul Hom Asian Clinic, Clinica Tepati, Imani Clinic, Shifa Clinic, Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic, Bayanihan...
  8. imperfection

    UC Davis FM = toxic?

    So I've now had two separate UC Davis fourth years that I met on the interview trail recommend staying away from their FM program because it's "toxic" (based on their experiences rotating there). Add to that the review from a UC Davis resident on sdn's "Scutwork" residency review site which also...
  9. Dr. ThorStrange

    UC Davis 2018-2019 Secondary Application

    Discuss any elements of your application that you feel might be concerning to the Admissions Committee. Is this question required or optional on the application? If required, should I explain about one bad grade or low MCAT? How should I approach this question? Should I mention the concern then...
  10. S

    DIY Post Bac at University of California, Davis

    Is anyone having your own DIY post bac at UC Davis? I already graduated from UC Davis in 2016, but I'm going to take an entire school year of science upper division courses to increase my GPA starting this Fall 2018. If anyone of you would love to share your journey with me, feel free to shoot...
  11. Jari97

    Just Beginning Biological Sciences 08/2018

    Hello everyone! Amazing to see a place full of people like me. I have some questions that others who have possibly gone through this could help me with. UC v. CSU I have just started at a CC in California. There is an ADT- Associate Degree for Transfer/ AS-T- Associate's in Science for...
  12. D

    Best undergrad UC as a cc transfer student?

    Hey All, I am currently a community college student who is about to transfer to an UC. I am super grateful that I've been accepted to all 9 UC's, but now I am in the process of deciding which one to go to. I have narrowed it down to between UCSD (erc), UCLA, and UC Davis. Are there any other...
  13. D

    UCSB vs UC Davis vs UCLA vs Case Western for Premed

    I am a current high school senior in California, and I was lucky enough to be accepted into UCSB (honors), UC Davis (regents), UCLA, and Case Western Reserve University. I'm having trouble choosing between these four institutions. Any help would be much appreciated :) SB: pros- - easiest of...
  14. B

    Should I attend a UC, or a low-ranked school

    Hi guys, So my brother (who is a transfer student a California Community College) has just finished applying to schools, and is making a list of what schools he would most like to attend, should he be accepted. He's a good student (3.8 GPA with 60 units completed), and he has some pretty...
  15. F

    How difficult are classes at SFSU/CSUEB vs UCD or other UC's? Please help

    So im considering doing a informal post bac at SFSU/CSUEB and am hoping some students who are in the programs and went to UCD or other UC's can help me out? How difficult are the upper div sciences at your post bacs vs the classes you took at Davis or other UC's? I am just trying to figure out...
  16. S

    Transferring out of UCLA to UC Davis

    Hello, I am currently an undergrad at UCLA and have done well my first year 3.8 or so taking the life science courses. However, I am not enjoying UCLA as a school. I regret not going to UC Davis which is 40 minutes away from my house and also the school that many of my friends are attending. I...
  17. EtherOne

    Transfer to UCLA, Berkeley, UCSD, or UC Davis?

    Help, I am a pre-med transfer student. I got accepted to all my schools, MCB for Berkeley, MIMG for UCLA, Microbiology for Davis, and Human Bio for UCSD. I don't care too much about the weather. I was pretty much set for UC Davis, I love the small town and the environment, but now that I got...
  18. Joemm426

    UC Berkeley or UC Davis For Pre-Med?

    Hello, I have a choice to make. I have been accepted as a transfer student to both UC Davis and UC Berkeley. I would enter either school as a junior majoring in cell biology. I would like to hear your opinion about my pros and cons for each school. I also want to know what you would do in my...
  19. nbp.medlaw

    [UC Davis PRS] Visiting Resident Help Needed starting APRIL 3, 2017!!

    Repeating an open invitation, this time for Visiting Residents: The UC Davis Division of Plastic Surgery is seeking Visiting Residents to help cover our service starting APRIL 2017. We currently lack any intern coverage for the months of April, May, and June 2017. I've received some responses...
  20. P

    Pre-med college decision: more selective UC, lower GPA vs. less selective UC, higher GPA?

    Looking for advice for my daughter who will begin undergrad as a freshman in fall 2017. She's going in with stellar academic record from one of the nation's top school districts, so it will be a shock to her system when she experiences "failure" for the first time in college - and it will happen...
  21. F

    UC Postbaccalaureate Program 2017

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to start this forum for all of us applying this cycle.
  22. nbp.medlaw

    UC Davis PRS (NorCal) - SubIs wanted for 2017!

    Open invitation to U.S. medical students: (1) To graduating MS4s looking for a month of plastic surgery to hone suturing skills, scrub into reconstruction cases, or simply to avoid being bored toward the end of medical school; AND (2) To rising MS4s who may be fortunate enough to be starting...
  23. R

    Freshman at university in California, Any advice for anything?

    Hi, I'm new to SDN and also a freshman in college at UCD. This is my first time ever posting anything so I just wanted to ask for any advice that anyone may have for reaching the dream! Lol But seriously, yeah, anything at all is appreciated. Oh and I'm a URM if that's at all relevant to this...
  24. V

    Renting UC Davis studio walking distance to hospital

    Fully furnished studio (600 sq ft) with bathroom, walk in closet, washer/dryer, and bamboo-lined outdoor patio. A large book shelf separates your bedroom space and the living space for privacy. Lots of space! $850/month. Internet and all utilities included. Literally few blocks the hospital: 4...
  25. G

    Will I do well at UC Davis to get into medical school?

    I have a deep passion for becoming a doctor. It is my greatest dream and I will work as hard as I have to in order to become one. I will be majoring in biological sciences at UC Davis, and I know that Biology has one of the lowest average GPA's of all majors. I am very interested and perform...
  26. R


  27. U

    UCLA PRIME vs. UC Davis SOM

    Hello All, I have been fortunate enough to gain acceptance to two of my top choices for my medical education and I am having a difficult time making the decision. UC Davis is much closer to home (Gilroy) and my entire support network. The cost of living is much more reasonable and I liked the...
  28. nbp.medlaw

    PRS Away Rotations for 2016-2017: UC Davis (NorCal)

    Our program at UC Davis has two (2) openings for visiting subIs this coming 2016-17 academic year: (1) June 27 - July 22, 2016 (2) October 24 - November 18, 2016 If submitting VSAS soon, please let me know about yourself in more detail so I can relay your interest to our PD, our program...
  29. L

    Courses to take before MCAT: UC transfers

    I am planning on transferring to UC Davis this upcoming fall and since I have a TAG approved, I am planning courses to take once I transfer. So far I have taken General Chemistry w/ lab, Biology series w/ lab (3 quarters), Physics w/ lab, Psychology, Sociology. I have started to study Organic...
  30. U

    community college transfer - Ivy League/top tier-type level med school possible?

    Hello, my profile and questions are generalizable and I hope may help other premed students at a similar point in their undergraduate careers. I am a effectively a junior (in 5th of 6 total years of undergrad) at UC Davis. I was a community college transfer from the Peralta Community College...
  31. neur0goddess

    anyone willing to read my UC app essay?!

    Super last minute, I know. Please PM me!!!!!!