UCI v UCSD bio major


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Apr 18, 2016
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I am deciding between UCI and UCSD for bio major. Someone told me I should talk to you since you know more about UC schools.

My question is what opportunities for research/internship do both schools offer? As well as mentoring / tutoring?

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What differentiates the UCs in terms of research is not so much funding as prestige. You are more likely to land a "prestigious" position at UCSD than you are at UCI. Now, the prestige factor is not really influenced by access to resources so much as the quality of the faculty. In my opinion, the relatively small difference in the quality of your mentorship between Irvine and SD is not enough to hinge your decision on. Now, you may land a spot in a sexier lab at SD than you would in Irvine. But again, I don't think the slightly increased chance at publication in a higher impact journal is that big of a deal. Not to mention that the abundance of research at Irvine is nothing to sneeze at (here's the bio department alone!)

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "mentoring/tutoring," but both Irvine and SD are known as "premed schools." Both cities have large hospitals, medical schools, medical centers, on-campus organizations, LARC tutoring, etc that can help you build up your CV. You won't have to look far if you want to do the traditional premed thing. Essentially, I think you should go where you'll be the happiest and where you'll get the best grades. The other stuff is readily available so don't worry about it!

Best of luck
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Thank you so much this cleared up a lot :)
UCSD alumni here. Its a great school but be prepared for competition from all the other ambitious premeds you will cross paths with.
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