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Jan 20, 2004
    hi, so im comin up in the fall. and all seems well until i think about housing =(
    any recommendations for a one/two bedroom apt... or the likes? ive been browsing different websites, but honestly im not too sure that im looking in the right areas. im schooling out-of-state right now, so id really appreciate any advice! please answer the thread or Email me if you can steer me in any direction =) i'll be forever grateful!



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    Mar 3, 2003
    i'd rather be in hawaii...
      have you checked out craigslist.org? it's a great website to find housing! i believe ucsf also has a website for off campus housing... you'd wanna look for places in in the inner sunset district to be close to school...this is a lengthy ad, but if you click on the map link, it'll give you an idea of around where to look! good luck! i'm sure the others who are currently at ucsf can help you out a lot more than i can!


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      Aug 4, 2002
        keiki is right. i looked up the craigslist when i was looking for housing last year. i now live in the inner sunset area, which is within walking distance from the campus.
        since u're from out-of-state, you may not have time to fly over and check out apartments, have you considered student housing? from what i heard they're pretty decent.
        good luck on your apt hunting.
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