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Apr 2, 2003
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Hi all,

I really want to go to UCSF Anesthesiology but am unsure of my chances. What do you think my chances are based on the following info:
- I attend a top-10 allopathic
- Step 1 - 250/99
- 3rd yr rotations: only honors in Internal Med (this is what I'm scared of. Not enough honors??)
- No chance of AOA
- Research - 5 publications (non-anesthesia)

Thanks for your input.

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Hey drgas,
There was one person from my non-top 10 med school that matched in gas at UCSF. He is not AOA and I am pretty sure his board scores aren't even close to yours. So, I guess what I am saying is that you've got a solid shot based on this years match. My advice, do a rotation at UCSF and bust your ass. Good luck.