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Apr 12, 2011
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UDM is 296k before living
MINN is 333k before living

I felt more comfortable at Uminn, but talking to a d4 I was concerned about Uminn's level of clinical preparedness. According to the d4, she said that students typically see 2 patients per day during their clinical years. Is this a normal amount or is this below average? Although, Uminn also requires a community rotation during your d4 year, so that might improve your speed drastically and make this whole argument pointless.

The reason why I'm only comparing both school before living expenses because I'm a firm believer that your living expenses is highly dependent on the type of person you are and how frugally you would like to live during dental school.
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Dec 19, 2010
Some of the D3's and D4's experiences are quite different from each other. Not everyone has 2 patients per day. It depends on how proficient you ARE! If you can handle 3 a day thats fine. Its really normal to have 2 patients per day as Dental schools have protocols/red tapes that you have to go through before you are assigned a new patient. Again, you are talking to 1 D4 and by the time you hit clinic (which is in 4 years) it will change. Dean Assael is good at making changes and will improve how clinic works. I've talked to a perio resident who graduated from Minnesota and said Minnesota is very good at making competent clinicians


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May 30, 2011
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Someone on here said to flip a coin, once that coin is in the air you'll know which one you want to go to.