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UF Distance Sites?

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by Ellyrolls, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Ellyrolls


    Mar 26, 2007
    Does anybody have any information about the distance sites? How do they compare overall? I interviewed at the Orlando campus, which was way out in Apopka... it almost felt like I was being isolated from the rest of the world. I chose Orlando as my backup b/c that's where I live now, but I'm wondering whether or not I made a mistake. What is the campus in St. Pete like? How about Jacksonville?
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  3. dgroulx

    dgroulx Night Pharmacist 10+ Year Member

    St Pete campus is located in Seminole, about 10 minutes from the gulf beaches. It's part of something called the University Partner Center, which is a campus dedicated to distance learning. It's state-of-the-art with built in video conferencing, computer projectors, etc. There is a dedicated UF pharmacy building and a UF dentistry building. The library has several study rooms for students. There's another area designed for collaboration on group projects. It has a projector there so you can practice powerpoint presentations.

    We have lots of club activities. The Gainesville students who were sent to our campus for the last 8 weeks have said that they really like the campus.

    CAROLINA Caro 2+ Year Member

    Feb 27, 2007
    Ft Lauderdale, Florida
    Well I was in Jax Friday 30th of May and I guess is not as good as the Gainsville campus because the neighborhood is ugly around the university. What is important though is that the "campus" is within the Jax Shands Medical Center and there is Nemorous Childrens Clinic, Wolfgangs Hospital and all sorts of health centers that is a great oportunity to pharmacy students. I dont think you should be worried about been isolated rather worry about if there are enough places were you can pratice the knowledge acquire in class. ;)
  5. ladiejay187

    ladiejay187 2+ Year Member

    Jan 29, 2007
    I will be attending the Orlando Campus in the Fall. Everyone I have talked to about the distance sites say that the students LOVE them and are closer friends than the students in Gainesville. I even have heard that the NAPLEX scores are higher from the students at the distance sites. I am a UF undergrad in Gainesville and I chose not to attend the Gainesville Campus. Orlando was my number one choice. There is a lot of competition amongst students here in Gainesville and I have talked to many current pharmacy students and the friends they have at distance sites enjoy school more than they do here in Gainesville! I actually went to 2 different 1PD classes last week as part of a shadowing program and I was the 11th person in the room including the professor!!! So Gainesville is basically a distance campus in itself since students really don't attend the live lectures.

    Like I said I will be in Orlando in the Fall and I am looking forward to meeting all the other students and participating in club activities! See you then!
  6. huzeifa52

    huzeifa52 Junior Member 2+ Year Member

    Mar 28, 2006
    I am a first year at the Beach campus (as we all like to call it) class has abt 56ppl....I know each and every one of I have known them forever....we are like one big family... there are many student orgs.....theres always something going on....we have picnics...socials....alot of group sessions.....and unlike such sessions in gainesville ours consists of abt 15ppl create some sort of bond with everyone....the groups keep rotating so by the time you finish the first know everyone in your class....just to give you a feel of how close we all are....I know what kind of lattes my friends like....what sports they play....movies they watched last..their study habits......why you may ask.....coz we do it all someone mentioned in a previous post.....ppl in gainesvile dont go to class....coz of the convenience of watching practically every lecture online.....I was a little hesitant with the whole distant campus thing at first.....but now I go around encouraging ppl to pick the distant campuses over the Gainesville campus......i love it here....
  7. Dr2011

    Dr2011 UF Class of 2011 Orlando 2+ Year Member

    Jan 23, 2007
    I have interview at orlando campus next friday.
    First of all I was surprised to see that I have been invited for an interview b/c my pcat score is pretty low for UF but my gpa is strong. I dont have any leadership experience n very little volunteer work, but i have been a retail pharmacy tech for almost 2 yrs. i don't have any B.S., only A.A.

    I am very glad that UF considered me for interview but at same point a little bit disappointed b/c Gainsville was my first choce and they invited me to apopka campus (i live in orlando).

    I guess I am just worried abt the satellite program. should i be worried?
    I would greatly appreciate any comments or tips for the interview.

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