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Apr 4, 2009
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Are their any current, or previous Epi concentration UF MPH students?

How hard is the program?

From what I have been reading and according to the CEPH they gained accreditation in June 09.

Ultimately, I am having trouble deciding between USF (top 20 PH) and UF (Prestige and name).

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Hi MinnieRx. I've recently been accepted to UFs MPH in Health Mgmt & Policy, although I still have to interview with them for the MHA which is my #1 choice.

I've visited, and the school is top notch and Epidemiology has like 6 major professors I think. I met one of them (can't remember her name) while I was there; she's REALLY NICE but you can tell SHE'S SERIOUS, She's really young and recently graduated from Yale I think. If I were you personally I'd email each professor in the department with a specific question, if each can find the time to answer your question, they might be worth a shot.

I see you're conflicted with USF or UF; although USF is ranked top 20, those rankings were put out in 2007 and only included accredited colleges of public health at the time. UF would probably now be on the list. You'd have to double check USF because when I inquired about some of their programs, I was told you'd take one class on campus and all the rest online each semester (didn't like that too much). And besides don't get too caught up in the rankings...employers/professional programs won't care about rankings...they'll look at the school you graduated from and have a preconcieved perception about that program; and besides UF is much older so their connections are probably more wide spread.

Also, if you're interested in doing a professional program eventually, you should just go ahead and apply to the Dual Program options they have at UF. You can do an MPH with almost any professional degree offered on the campus (i.e. PharmD/MPH, JD/MPH, MD/MPH, PhD/MPH etc.)

Hope I've been a help. Holla.
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I am an Epi student at UF, feel free to shoot your questions at me :)
I was very interested in UF MPH-Epidemiology but am an OOS student. Besides their website, I find very little because it is newly accredited. Is there anything about your experience that you can tell me about the program? Pros and Cons. Could this help in admission to UF Medical School later on? A response would be much appreciated.
I am an undergrad at UF and know several people in MPH programs there.
Yes, UF is older and more prestigious than USF...for undergrad or just the university in general. But actually the public health program at UF is pretty new (only just became accredited a couple years ago) whereas public health at USF is a lot more established and has a much better reputation in the public health world, at least imo.
The main reason why I didn't apply to UF, though, is because I think networking is really important in this field, and I don't think UF has a very extensive network when it comes to potential internships/employers. From what I hear (take this with a grain of salt), UF MPH students don't have a lot of opportunities for where to do their practicums and often end up working at the Alachua County Health Dept or VA Hospital or the like, which are places where you could basically volunteer as an undergrad - kinda pales in comparison to say, doing an internship at the CDC as an Emory student.
I don't mean to bash UF because I LOVE the University. But I'm just not sold on their MPH programs. Basically, if you're looking at Florida schools for an MPH, USF is definitely the way to go imo.

...then again, I know someone who did their MPH at UF and is now doing a PhD at Hopkins, so it just goes to show that what you make of your situation is more important than just going to a brand-name school.
I am an Epi student at UF, feel free to shoot your questions at me :)
hi,there, I have just receive ad from UF. As I am an international student, the tuition is really a big issue for me to consider. I wonder whether I would get a chance to apply for RA /TA or any financial aid there?

Warmly look forwarding to your reply.