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Mar 29, 2005
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Ok so here's my issue. I'm starting at RWJ in August and I'll be moving out there from Philadelphia. I don't have a car but I do have a dog. I'm trying to find a cheap place near campus (within 1 mile), but so far everyplace I've called is anti-dog. I really don't want to commute. I don't know a lot about NJ public transportation (or school transportation, for that matter), but I would rather shell out the cash to lease a car than sit on a bus or train for an hour to and from school everyday. I'm hoping that somebody can offer me some advice here. Are there any good priced places to live close to campus? I mean, REALLY close? The dog needs a walk sometime in the middle of the day and paying someone to walk her isn't all that appealing. I'm hearing good things about Society Hill. Any piece of info here would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to know where you've lived, how difficult it was to get around, and if its really worth the hassle to get a car. And I want specifics here, people. Like exactly where the closest grocery store is, how you got around to and from school, to and from shopping, etc. Help me out here. Thanks so much!

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Have you been to the orientation/housing site?

I'm an NJ resident and I'm starting RWJ in the fall. If you plan to live close to school, you plan to live in Piscataway, so you really need a car (to get to places other than school,i.e. grocery store, it would be hard without a car b/c of the layout of Piscataway). Unless you live in Society Hill. Even then, really...

If you are just looking for a room-situation, you can check the website. Last I checked there were some people offering rooms in their houses on River Rd., which is very close. If you're looking for a studio, there was one on there for like 600 a month including utilities. I think it was fairly close. There are also several people looking for roommates to live in Society Hill.

What exactly do you mean by cheap? NJ housing, especially Piscataway probably won't be cheap unless you're comparing it to NY living.
Things are fairly more expensive in NJ, even when compared to Philly; the only exception is the gas is cheaper here.

You will need a car for 3rd and 4th year, as public transportation from Piscataway to New Brunswick and other sites, isn't necessarily conducive to your schedule.