unfilled pathology spots

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Sep 5, 2003
i have to say that i'm somewhat annoyed at the list. i consider myself a fairly competitive us senior and their are 5 programs on that list that did not offer me even an interview, including one without much of a name (wake forest) that likely would have been my number one choice! oh well, at least there are some good spots out there for all the scramblers. good luck everyone!


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Jun 30, 2001
Very interesting. Out of curiosity, did the old list have numbers of unfilled spots? Or does anyone have access to that information (before it became "dynamic" and changed as people scrambled into them)? I'd be interested to know how many spots at MGH, Wash U, Brigham and UCSF went unfilled initially.


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Aug 15, 2003
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Ludy's back! Yay! :clap:

I think MGH may have gotten stuck this year by having a large class. Perhaps not used to having to rank so many? Don't know. It is a good program, I believe. It scares some people off because of its reputation. Some of that is probably justified, but some of it is a bit overblown. One goes to residency to train to be a great pathologist. I ranked it #2, if I end up there I will be thrilled. I know they ranked me though.

I don't know what to tell you path19, unless those unfilled spots were left unfilled for a certain reason (I can't imagine what though). It probably just comes down to a bit of random chance, the person reviewing applications the day yours came in had an ulcer acting up or something, or your name reminded them of an old high school bully. I don't know how much of it is ego. You would think that programs would rank everyone possible that they could possibly stand coming there, but perhaps some programs have experience with the scramble and know they can usually get a competitive candidate. I know last year the Johns Hopkins OB program didn't fill. It happens.

Only another day and a half!

Edited addendum: MGHs IM program did not fill last year (every IM program in the state of MA filled this year). I have it on good authority (although it is hearsay) that they did not fill last year because of a combination of:
1) They didn't rank enough people, thinking they would fill up with their higher ranked people; and
2) Students didn't rank them high because they thought they had little chance of matching there.

Now, both of these should be illogical, because as far as I know it doesn't cost programs to rank more applicants. And applicants should rank programs in the order they like them and want to attend, . They should not base it on where they think they will be ranked. The match algorithm favors the applicant, no matter what everyone hears. It may feel better if you match at your #1 choice, but if there are 4 places that you would rather go to, even if they are a reach, you should rank them higher.
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