unfinished prereq's

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Jun 20, 2004
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Hi! This was probably already covered but I was wondering if anyone could give me advice about applying with 3 pre-req's unfinished. I want to apply for 2005 this summer, but I still won't have Organic II, Physics I and II completed. I've thought about waiting until 2006 but I am 29 now and kind of anxious to get my future on track. Here is where I stand with other math/science prereqs Chem I-B; Chem II A; Bio I-A; Bio II B+; Precalc-A; Calc-A-, Organic Chem II-A. Overall GPA 3.6. Will have BS in History next spring, and I am currently training as a pharm tech. I know my science grades aren't stellar, but they are not too bad. I just wonder if they will be enough for me to be a competitive candidate considering that I have those 3 classes left. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially since this forum has been really helpful to me. Thanks.