University of Cincinnati's Alternate List

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Has anyone heard anything lately?????

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My sister, who's a M4 at Cinci, was selected from the waitlist in mid-July. She also told me about a guy in her class who came in from the waitlist a day before school started. It's still "early" in the summer, so there's hope.
good luck!
just a random question: how many students at UCincy is from CA? does anyone know if it's easy to come back to CA for residency for a UCincy graduate?
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Has any in-state people in that "special group of applicants currently at the top of the list" been accepted recently? Thanks....
has anyone heard anything period? i thought this school is supposed to have a lot of wl movement.. cinci is my first choice, but i have to get my stuff together to go to loyola? what should i do, any advice anyone? loyola starts july26... cinci starts aug 11...

I can't speak for the other classes in the school, but in the class of '06, California is the second most represented state behind Ohio. I'm pretty sure that '07 has quite a few Californians as well. I don't know how easy it is to go back for residency though. Good luck.
Has anyone heard anything lately? Anyone know of anyone who has been accepted recently or talked to admissions? I hate waiting! :eek:
i called the office... they won't tell you anything at all
Hey guys...

I got my acceptance call on the 14th of June. I'm an in-stater and I got the letter beforehand saying that I was in the "special group of candidates." They will probably start the next group soon if they haven't already. Hope this info helps!

Good luck!
I found out from the admissions office that the out of state waitlist is barely moving at all. the in-state waitlist is steadily moving....