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University of Queensland - Admissions Policy for 2008

Discussion in 'Australasia and Oceania' started by OzTREKK, May 3, 2007.

  1. OzTREKK

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    Jul 12, 2005
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    Academic Administration
    G'day everyone,

    I am posting this information for anyone who is interested in applying to the Medical program at the University of Queensland for the January 2008 intake. This information is relevant to students from Canada and the U.S. and NOT domestic Australian students.

    The information below is current as of May 2, 2007 and has only been agreed upon by the School of Medicine at the University of Queensland.

    If you have any questions about the information provided below and the process itself, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time: [email protected]

    You may also like to visit: http://www.oztrekk.com/programs/medicine/queensland.htm for further information.

    *PLEASE NOTE: the application process and entry requirements have changed considerably from previous years. OzTREKK has been working with the School of Medicine at the University of Queensland to implement a new admissions process for the 2008 intake. It is advisable that, under the new admissions policy, students DO NOT apply through ACER, but apply DIRECTLY through OzTREKK.*

    Admission for 2008 intake

    - Applications are assessed on a rolling admissions basis. Therefore, the sooner a student applies, the sooner his/her application will be assessed. Offers will be granted on a 'first come, first serve basis.'

    - Only complete applications will be assessed. Students must submit a completed University of Queensland International Student Application for Undergraduate Studies Application Form, all post-secondary transcripts and your MCAT results. (To apply, please visit: http://www.oztrekk.com/programs/medicine/queensland.htm)

    - Applications with all documents are submitted directly to OzTREKK. You are advised not to apply through ACER to the University of Queensland, as the University only receives your application from ACER in late September. As admission is rolling, all places may be filled by the time ACER communicates with the University. It is advisable that students apply directly through OzTREKK.

    Entry Criteria for 2008 intake

    Three components contribute to selection for admission:

    1. Post-secondary GPA Requirement

    - Performance in the most recently completed key degree. A key degree is a bachelors degree, honours, masters degree (coursework or research) or a PhD. Applicants must meet a minimum grade point average to be eligible.

    - For the 2008 intake, the minimum GPA will be 5.00 (on the 0-7 scale, where 4 is a pass) or 2.67 (on the 0-4 scale, where 2 is a pass).

    - Your GPA is calculated for your most recently completed degree and averaged over the duration of your degree. For example, if your most recent completed degree is a Masters degree, then only the results from your Masters degree will be assessed.

    - If students have repeated a subject, then both marks will be calculated into the overall GPA.

    2. North American Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) Result

    - Applicants must meet a minimum level of achievement in the admissions test to be eligible. The minimum scores required for the MCAT, 8/8/8/M.

    - If you have completed the MCAT more than once, then your best MCAT results from the same sitting will be assessed.

    - No deadline has been set for the final MCAT sitting eligible for assessment. However, students must be aware that only completed applications (including MCAT results) will be assessed. By sitting the MCAT sooner, you are potentially increasing your chances of places being available when your application is complete.

    3. Telephone/Personal Conversation

    - Applicants who meet the GPA and MCAT requirements will be contacted by the School of Medicine to partake in a conversation.

    - A senior academic from the School of Medicine will make contact with the applicant via telephone or in-person in Canada.

    - No traditional interview questions will be asked. The aim of the conversation will be to get to know the applicant and confirm his/her eligibility to commence the program.

    - Applicants have the opportunity to ask questions of the senior academic member during the conversation.

    Number of Places in the Program for 2008

    - Total number of places - 400

    - Total number of Australian domestic funded places - 275

    - Total number of Australian full-fee paying places - 75

    - Total number of International full-fee paying places - 50

    Annual Tuition Fee for International Students Commencing in 2008

    - $42,000 per year

    - Please note that the above tuition may increase by 3%-5% for each year of the program.

    Application Fee
    There is $0 AUD application fee to apply to the University of Queensland through OzTREKK. The University of Queensland does have a $50 AUD application fee, however, if you apply through OzTREKK, then the University of Queensland waives the application fee.

    How to Apply
    Canadian students who wish to apply to the Graduate Entry Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery program at the University of Queensland do so using one of the following three methods:

    1. Apply Online: http://www.oztrekk.com/UQMBBSOnline.htm
    2. Download University of Queensland School of Medicine Paper Application form: http://www.oztrekk.com/Regos/UQMBBS2008.pdf
    3. Request a School of Medicine Information and Application Package: [email protected]

    Contact Details
    If you have any questions regarding the University of Queensland's medical program or the application process, please don't hesitate to contact the official University of Queensland representative in Canada:

    Matt Miernik, Director, OzTREKK educational services, Canada

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Phone: 1 866 698 7355 (Toll free)

    Website: http://www.oztrekk.com/programs/medicine/queensland.htm

    Once again, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.



    (OzTREKK educational services has been appointed by the University of Queensland since 2004 to be the official representative for the University in Canada)
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