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Apr 19, 2002
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Does anyone know about UVA? Their website is not very detailed. What type of curriculum is it exactly? Small group learning? problem based? all lecture? It seems like the website says it's a combination of all, but it doesn't say which predominates. Is it all lecture with 1 small meeting of problem based per week, for example? Or is it an equal combination?

Does anyone know about their emphasis on research? The website says they have a special program for research, but again there is only brief mention of it. Does anyone have details about it?

Any info about curriculum etc etc would be great!


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Aug 29, 2001
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UVA has changed its cirriculum as of 2 years ago. The new cirriculum is more problem /systems orented approach than the old one, but still has lecutures froming the base of material. For example, on a given week first year you will have:
Mon 8-5
Biochem (sickel cell disease)
Principles of Med (POM) How to Interview
Anat -Hand&Wrist

Tues 8-4
Biochem (metabolism)
Cell (cellsurface/adhesion)
POM- case study

Wed 8-130
Biochem- metabolism
Anat -thoracic wall
Guest lecuture

Thurs 8-4
Biochem -glycolisis/CAC
Anat- thoratic cavity
POM-case study

Fri 8-12
POM Clinical corrilation- sickle cell anemia
Anat- coronary circulation

Thats the lecture schedule. However the ind. classes push small study groups as the way to learn the material. Many study guides and self quizzes are made available to students. I can't remeber if the POM course is small group or not (I'll know in a few weeks) But Biochem is lecure with all 135 of your classmates, I think cell is split beteen large lecure and small labs and anatamoy has 4-5 students per cadaver, so thats your own small group.

As far as the website goes check out
here and click on 1 or 2nd year to get class discriptions. Hope that gives you some idea about UVA.


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Aug 3, 2002
Charlottesville, VA
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The curriculum at UVa was changed two years ago. Lecture time has been nearly cut in half. A typical week during first year consists of:
Mon: Lecture 8-12;Lab 1-5
Tues: Lecture 8-12; PoM small gp 1-4
Wed: Lecture 8-12
Thu: Lecture 8-12; PoM small gp 1-4
Fri: Lectue 8-12
You go to your small group on Tues OR Thurs. So essentially your out at 12 three days a week. Second year is mostly 8-12. There are some outside events (community preceptorships, std patient excercises, etc.) throughout both years, but the time commitment is minimal and these things are actually pretty cool. I would definitely give UVa. a long look. I almost decided against coming here because of the "old curriculum, competitive student, etc." mantra. Actually, my experience has been totally the opposite. The students are extremely well-rounded, atheletic, fun, ultra NON-competetive. The faculty seem genuinely interested in our training. Support and financial aid are top-notch. Charlottesville is a terrific place to be young and single, but it is also has a small town's charm. All in a top 30 school. ACC football (ha!) and basketball are a definite plus.
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