University of Waterloo c/o 2016

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Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I wanted to know if I had a good chance of getting into the pharmacy program at Waterloo.

3.5 cumulative gpa
all pre reqs and full course load with practicums
completed Honours Double Major in Biology and Kinesiology
completed a concurrent bachelors in education with 2 years in experience leading class rooms
volunteered at pharmacy for 2 years
Extra curriculars

(extra info: math is not my strongest subject and half of the required courses i got a 3.0 not sure if they weigh the pre reqs on their own)

Any feedback would be great :)

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Glad to announce that today, both University of Toronto and Waterloo pharmacy have been promoted to the Entry-Program/Level PharmD program as the Ministry of Health and Government of Canada have finally approved the proposal since "n" years ago. I hope this will motivate all who are applying this year to work hard for this new change in scope of practice and better equipping of our skills as prospective pharmacists to meet the demands of interprofessionalism and the health care.

Good luck to everyone on your PCAT/applications and interviews! :)
this year's waterloo and uoft admissions thread are practically dead.

I actually JUST made the waterloo thread for 2014 admissions.

Does anyone have an idea to the uncomfortable silence among applicants? Think there're less people applying? Waterloo just added another course requirement and they require a reference letter from a pharmacist afterall. Thoughts? :confused:
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Wow, I just looked at the timetable for first year pharmacy at Waterloo. Why does it seem so much more packed than the timetable for UofT? Are some of these classes online or split into different terms?
hi, did you do an interview with waterloo? if yes, what should i expect? thanks!