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Oct 15, 2003
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I was just looking over the UoP requirements, and they say 2 semesters or 3 quarters of "English, Communication, or Speech." With a note saying 1 class of comp and the rest emphasizing written or verbal communication. I've taken an English Comp class, an English lit class, (each 1-quarter classes) and plenty of writing-intensive History and Geography classes. Does that cover the requirement? Or should I take another English class in the next year?

Next question... for Tufts, they want a letter of rec from a dentist, its use is to provide proof of 30+ hours of observations/shadowing. I shadowed my dentist, but not for 30 hours, and he's offered to write me a rec. I'm volunteering right now in the emergency clinics and oral radiology labs at UW, and will easily gain over 30 hours. Should one of those dentists provide my rec instead? Would the person in charge of the Emergency Clinics be able to write that recommendation, even if they are not a dentist? Maybe I'll get a rec from her and my dentist, and together they will work... any suggestions?

one last thing... do any schools require psych? I remember seeing it on one school's requirements, but I just looked over a bunch and couldn't find it... I thought it was Pacific, but their website doesn't have it listed... maybe it was an old requirement.

Thanks for any help!


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Sep 1, 2003
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oklahoma, mississippi, minn, florida, ucsf, ucla all require psychology!

I think you shoudl contact Tufts and ask them that question.......the staff at Tufts is great and will be willing to help you in anyway!
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