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UQ-Ochsner and Competitive US Residencies

Discussion in 'Australasia and Oceania' started by calico96, Dec 1, 2017.

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  1. calico96


    Dec 27, 2016
    I applied to 23 US MD schools but I have not received any interviews yet. I'm starting to look at the UQ-Ochsner program instead. I know UQ-Ochsner has had a very good match rate, but if I go there, will I have a good chance of getting a residency in a competitive speciality? I've recently become very interested in OB-Gyn, and I'm wondering if a more competitive speciality will be out of the question if I do this program instead of going to a US school.
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  3. UQO grads have matched in OBGYN before.
    It's not easy. Even with UQO, it still carries a bit of stigma as 'off-shore' even though it's more in a grey-area as your home base is Ochsner in NOLA. The implication is that you'll still have to work harder than the average US MD or DO.

    Competitive specialties and chances of that as a UQO grad - I don't know. As I'm not in UQO, I'll leave it to the Ochsner students and grads to answer. I do know your chances are higher of matching in something in the US, if you apply broadly.
    Also depends on where you want to match in some competitive specialty, do you want some high sought after program too.

    Ideally, I'd suggest that you consider some DO schools first that are connected with programs you want to be part of in the future, or at least are in close vicinity. That way, it ensures that attendings in whatever field you're interested in, are familiar with you. It's much easier to get electives or subI's that way too. For competitive's always a challenge to arrange those if you're not in someway connected. Because everyone wants them. they get a high volume of requests. Unless you get lucky. You will however, get OBGYN rotations at Ochsner (which is an American hospital) and American LORs from that. And then same as usual for everyone, it's your board scores that truly open the doors.

    Anyway, only responding as there hasn't been replies yet!
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