UT chattanooga vs. ETSU...I need help!


Apr 6, 2012
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    I have recently been accepted at ETSU and UT Chattanooga for physical therapy school. I need some honest opinions on the two programs. If I went to ETSU I could stay at home and save on that aspect and I would also have a PT tech job on the weekends when I am available, also their tuition is 3500 a semester for 9 semesters. So my total tuition costs for ETSU would be around 31000 if I don't get any scholarships or GA positions. UT Chattanooga is around 3900 a semester for 8 semesters, so 31200 in total for tuition...however I would have to get an apartment and would have to totally live off of loans for 3 years. I estimate owing around at least 61,000 after I graduate if I went there. I have heard that UT Chattanooga is a better school but is it worth that much more debt after I graduate? Not to mention around 25,000 from undergraduate? I am leaning more towards UT Chattanooga but I need some honest opinions. Is it worth going into dept 90000 for a job that I will make MAYBE 60000 starting out?


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    Nov 24, 2011
      I hear it over and over again to go to the cheaper school. If you definitely would learn better at Chattanooga, then hey, go for it. But in the end its what you make of the program you're in, no matter where you go. Having that tech job on the weekends would be super helpful, too. In the long run the debt is going to be a pain in the kaput, and having your family as a support back home will totally be a motivating factor.
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