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Jun 10, 2002
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Does anyone know how hard it is to get into UT Memphis as an out of state resident? Thanks

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It's very difficult. They only consider out-of-state applications from residents of the eight states that border Tennessee or from children of UT alumni that live out of state. Plus, only 10% of each entering class can be non-residents.
What about if you live in TN but go to school in VA?? Will they consider you in-state, or do they base it on where you go to school?
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your legal residency...where you live. UT gets students from all over.
I interviewed out of state last year and was waitlisted. I interviewed again this year, except as a reapplicant they give you one interview w/ a senior member of the committee. He said if I were a TN resident I would most likely have gotten in last year, but there's just not much room for out-of-staters.. He was honest though and said I'd prolly get waitlisted again this year, but I'd have a better chance of getting "the call" this time around. That was several months ago now and they haven't let me know one way or the other, lol.. Oh well.. Seems like a great school for 3rd and 4th years, but not much chance of getting in out of state if you don't have some sort of tie to the school.