UTMB first-year books

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Dec 22, 2001
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This is specifically directed to some of the posters who go to UTMB.

Was there a specific book list of required books and supplies? If so, which books are on that list? Also, should you go above and beyond the required text and buy board review books?

I'm just interested because I'd like to see if I can get any decent deals at half.com or anything like that to alleviate some of the costs of books in August.

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Apr 12, 2000
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Hi jaeida :)

Here's my advice: Do NOT buy any books now. Wait. The "required" books have a nasty habit of changing at the last minute. Also, I have some insiders hints that can save money and time...

For GAR (1st block):

1. Instead of Moore's Clinically Oriented Anatomy, get Moore's Essential Clinical Anatomy (mini-Moore). It goes with the Essential Anatomy Dissector that is required.

2.Get the Gross Anatomy board review book by Chung.

3.Do not buy an atlas beforehand - some of the organizations will give you a free Netter's for signing up with them.

4.Also, if you have a human embryology text that you like, use it. The one they reccommend isnt that great.

5. Do NOT buy the radiology book. It stinks to high heaven (literally it is smelly). You will never use it.

6. Buy Robbins. Even if it isnt on the list, its golden for PBL. You'll need it for every other class anyways.

7. Get the smock, the gloves and get extra scalpel blades. DO NOT get the dissecting kit, there are SOOOO many "leftover" tools in there, you can grab what you need.

8. Invest in good smelly lotion for after lab - its right before lunch and you cant wash that smell out. Bring scrubs to wear in lab, so you have non-smelly clothes for afterwards (you can get these for free in the hospital, 3 pairs, and they will wash them for you).

Dont buy any books for MCT, PHD or NHB yet, they are MUCH later. Feel free to email me too, k?