Aug 10, 2015
Hey all,

Just working through Uworld and I'm averaging about 67-68%, which correlates to somewhere in the 240s. Its been a while since I've taken an NBME (more will come soon), and I know its obviously a better predictor of my score. However, I'm just curious if anyone has been using timed/random Uworld blocks consistently and how did it match up to your NBME's/STEP score.
May 3, 2014
I would honestly be very skeptical of these correlations. I know people who got 70% and ended up with low 240s; I got 67-68% (like you) and scored in the 250s. NBMEs are better to help gauge your performance.

These correlations also don't take into account what background people have when answering questions. Sometimes I'd answer questions w/o having thoroughly reviewed the material before, and that would be okay b/c my main concern was just learning the content of the answer explanations and writing it into First Aid, rather than trying to get as many UW questions right and just remembering the ones I got wrong.
May 27, 2015
Resident [Any Field]
UW average have nothing to do with Step 1 score. It is like anyone from 60-90% can score 230-270. That's not precise at all for me. There are NBMEs to serve you. I personally had around 86% first time (not always random though) and scored in high 260s. A friend of mine had 78% first time and was just 3 points off my 3 digit score.
Aug 10, 2015
I know these scores aren't precise or anything, I was just curious at any personal experiences with perhaps some more insight - as I'm just studying alone. I appreciate the scenarios given above from you guys. Thank you!
Aug 9, 2014
Medical Student
Random timed 85%. Started high 70s low 80s, finished high 80s/90s for the most part. 265-270