Dec 14, 2013
Recently I failed out of vet school because of too many failed classes in one course. The university is allowing me appeal their decision of failing out, but told me my chances are slim of reentering. During the semester, I had my grandmother become ill and had to undergo immediate heart surgery. I'm not going to say this was the main cause because people have experienced this and moved on, no excuses. I'm hoping to get some incite on what I should do. Should I try the appeal and hope they retake me or apply to another carribean school.

Moose A Moose

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Nov 24, 2009
Philadelphia, PA
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Start by truly assessing yourself if this is what you want and whether you're truly capable for the course load. If you feel you are, start off by appealing and go from there, ya dig?

that redhead

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Feb 26, 2010
First: do you truly think you are capable of continuing the program successfully? For example, if you're still in first year, it only gets harder from here. If you failed one course, I can see you stepping up your game and moving past this. If you failed a bunch of courses, I would look long and hard at yourself, your study habits and your career goals. Are you absolutely sure this is what you want to do? What coping strategies do you have in place for improving yourself? If you truly think you can turn yourself around, go for the appeal. But as always, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Worst case scenario, you're denied re-instatement. You can apply Carribean but I'm not sure on their leniency in this type of scenario - would be good to contact them and ask.