Waiting to hear from LECOM

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Alexander DeLarge

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Mar 16, 1999
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I had an interview @ LECOM in early February
and have still not heard back from them
one way or the other. They told us @ the interview that we would hear in 4 to 6 weeks
which seemed excessively long to me. Well, it's been over 6 weeks now. Any opinions as to the delay? Thanks.


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I had my interview at LECOM in late December and they promptly responded to me in early January. I am not sure why they are delayed. Maybe they are interviewing more applicants in this stage of the process?

Best of Luck!


Keneth C.Plowey (PCOM '03)
[email protected]

I feel for you dude. I was in the same boat last year at this time. I interviewed mid feb, and they gave me and the rest of the intervieews the say story "4-6" weeks, well it took until april until i was finally wait listed and never taken off . Well i applied agina extremely early this time and was accepted back in october. If u feel like talking about this more, just let me know, U can e-mail me @ LECOMBND @aol.com
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I think maybe they are waiting to find out if everything is ok with their standing with the aoa. I'll try to get some mre info.


I interviewed at LECOM in January and like you, still haven't heard from them. Luckily I was accepted elsewhere to my first choice.
What are you talking about? what is the question , about LECOM and the AOA? Please explain in greater detail.