Waitlist/ Alterative list question for LECOM/ ACOM?

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Sep 17, 2019
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I was waitlisted/ alternative listed at both LECOM-E and ACOM and was wondering if anyone had any insights to share on what or how the process works. How deep do these schools dig into the their waitlists? Do they pick students as soon as room opens up or do they wait until their interviews are finished then offer spots?

I am really praying for that ACOM acceptance (and LECOM to a lesser degree given their unpleasant reputation), so any advice and information would be helpful. I sent ACOM a letter of interest and was wondering if it be weird if later on in the cycle I send a letter of intent?

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I know a bit about LECOM, they do not use a ranked waitlist but will "re-review" applicants to decide who to admit (whatever that means). This mostly happens in April and May. As for how much of the waitlist they go through I really do not know, I think someone else may know? Let us hope they do because I wonder that as well!

As for ACOM I am clueless but I hope you get that A!