1. T

    ACOM vs. NYITCOM (Jonesboro,AR)

    I've spent the last couple of hours reading through threads to get opinions, but wanted to ask here as well. ACOM Pros - 100% residency placement in 2021, heard of students getting competitive residencies incl. derm (not my interest, but good to know its not impossible for a dedicated student)...
  2. T


    Hi friends! I am having a tough time deciding which school is best and wanted some advice. ACOM ~Pros DO/MPH Ipad/laptop Trending upward board rates Housing essentially on campus Lots of flexibility during 4th year Heavy emphasis on clinical simulation Location (warmer and near beaches)...
  3. A

    ACOM vs. LUCOM Help!

    I’ve been accepted to both schools, and I’m having trouble deciding. Please share any wisdom you may have on this topic, or about either school. Please keep advice as objective as possible, and please no hate about LUCOM being religious. I already know it is a Christian school.
  4. W

    Waitlist/ Alterative list question for LECOM/ ACOM?

    Hello! I was waitlisted/ alternative listed at both LECOM-E and ACOM and was wondering if anyone had any insights to share on what or how the process works. How deep do these schools dig into the their waitlists? Do they pick students as soon as room opens up or do they wait until their...
  5. C

    ARCOM vs. ACOM vs. LMU-DCOM?

    Hi, I am trying to decide between these three school currently to start in 2022. Would appreciate any advice/information! Some pros and cons I currently have: ARCOM pros: smaller class size cheapest tuition love the location and campus, most comfortable moving to Arkansas close to support...
  6. N


    Hello, I was recently accepted to both MSUCOM and ACOM and trying to decide what the better choice is. I saw the old thread from 2019 but didn’t know if people had newer information. I’ll have to move to attend either of the schools. Thanks I’m advance!
  7. S

    Rowan SOM vs ACOM vs Burrell

    Hello! I was hoping to get opinions from those who also applied/ are going to any of the schools above. I am making my final decision on which school I will make a deposit in. I think ACOM and Rowan are strong choices but I am from the west coast and would like to end up back here and that seem...
  8. A

    Vcom -carolina vs ACOM

    Hi everyone! just wondering about your thoughts on VCOM carolina vs ACOM. Just wanted more info on match rates, rotation sites etc. the only reason as of now for leaning towards VCOM is because its a bigger city vibe and I feel like I would be more comfortable vs a small town. But I really need...
  9. K


    Hi guys, so I was fortunate enough to be accepted to both ACOM and CUSOM. I’m torn between the two schools currently and hoping someone can give me some advice! ACOM: Pros Much closer to home (FL) Clinic rotation sites in FL Enjoyed the surrounding town Everyone was super friendly Cons Board...
  10. K


    Hi everyone! I'm really torn between these 2 schools and thought I'd try posting on here for some more input :) Here's my train of thought so far: ACOM pros: - brand new facilities - loved the area - great weather - already paid the admissions deposit and put down a deposit at an apartment -...
  11. D


    Annoying X vs Y med school post I know, but I'd love some feed back. I've been accepted at both LMU-DCOM and ACOM I have to make my decision soon and I'm not sure what to do. LMU-DCOM Pros: 1 hour from my home town, no mandatory attendance policy, I felt very welcomed by the students and...
  12. S

    Rocky Vista-UT vs ACOM

    Let me know what you guys think between ACOM and RVU-UT. RVU has better board scores but ACOM has better rotations and I'm having a hard time deciding between the two.
  13. nicejewishboi


    WVSOM: Pros: -Older and more established -Non-Mandatory attendance -#1 for rural Primary care (want to do IM) -Big school, lots of students (and lots of alumni) -Beautiful campus, big SIM lab -Happy students Cons: -Far from home -Rural state = smaller hospitals -Expensive to fly home -More...
  14. B

    ACOM vs LUCOM(upcoming interviews worth going to)

    Hi team, I have been accepted to two programs, ACOM and LUCOM. ACOM -is more expensive ~50,000 -pretty rural city in Dothan -literally no Asians or Asian markets -pretty good rotation sites around the hospital(the city has two bigger hospitals) -dress code -lectures are mandatory...
  15. J

    ACOM vs. CUSOM

    Hey, guys! So I know this thread has been done already in the past, but in light of the new cycle, I thought I'd start a new one so that I'm not spamming the people from the old one. I recently got into both schools, and they both have some great things going on for them, but they're so similar...
  16. medstudent1215

    Alabama COM Interview Coordination

    Hey, I was hoping to make a thread specific for coordinating some travel expenses together for hotels, transportation, etc. I guess I'll start off by noting that I am interviewing on 8/17/2018. I will be arriving into Dothan fairly late (around 10:00 pm) on the 16th but am interested in...
  17. keepItReal17


    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has interviewed at both schools and has feedback they are willing to offer about their experience. I have been admitted to ACOM and I absolutely love this school. However, UNECOM was initially a top 5 school of interest for me (as was ACOM) and I just received...
  18. K

    RVU-SU vs ACOM

    So I have interviewed and been accepted to both of these schools... and December 14th is coming and I still don’t have my decision. There are many pros and cons for both as I am sure many of you know. RVU-SU is new (but est. from RVU-CO which has great board scores), has great facilities...
  19. O


    Suppose that you received acceptance from all three schools (ACOM, LUCOM and WCUCOM), which school would you choose, and why? Thank you.
  20. ididthedew

    ACOM vs. VCOM-Auburn

    Hi, everyone! I am well aware that there are at least 2 different threads on ACOM Vs. VCOM-Auburn, BUT I wanted to post another one so there can be a more updated version. It would be great to just hear opinions of students (current & past, as well as potential students that have recently...
  21. HopefulDoc91


    Hi all, I was recently accepted to ACOM, and I have an upcoming interview at AZCOM in October. I've been looking at prices for flights, rental cars, and hotels and freaking out a bit at the cost. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to go to the interview. Overall it'll cost me at least $500...
  22. T

    KCU-COM vs ACOM please help!

    Hey everyone! I was accepted to KCU-COM and ACOM and I have to make a decision. I really did love KCU-COM and it's preparation in boards and rotations, BUT I also really loved ACOM! Both campuses were amazing! However I have to make a decision soon and I don't have much time to do it. Any...
  23. Alienman52

    ACOM Acceptance vs NYCOM-Westbury II

    Hi all, So I just received a NYCOM interview today for the westbury campus. I actually live 5-7 min from the campus. Needless to say I'm overjoyed at the opportunity to interview at such a great school. I have an acceptance to ACOM, put the deposit down, and even booked a room for living. So...
  24. S

    Acom vs kcu-Joplin

    I really loved kcu Kansas City campus but was accepted to the Joplin campus. Now I'm just having a hard time deciding on which school to pay the deposit for Bc deadline is fast approaching. I have a few more interviews within the next two weeks (bcom/NOVA/cusom/at still soma) but will likely...
  25. ysera555

    LMU vs. ACOM vs. Campbell: Advice Needed

    Hello SDNers, I have lucky enough to have 3 acceptances to LMU, ACOM, and CUSOM. I have made a pros and cons list but am unsure which school I should go with. I am from CO and don't really have any family near any of the schools I have been accepted to. My SO does go to school in Atlanta...
  26. Alienman52

    Interviewing for the "Experience?"

    Hi all, I have been fortunate enough this cycle to have a DO acceptance in hand. Needless to say I am elated, however, I'm having difficulty deciding if I should attend two of my other interviews. I have an acceptance at ACOM, and interviews at LUCOM and BCOM. IMHO, I think LUCOM is a pretty...
  27. C

    Wcucom vs Acom

    Any input would be much appreciated. As of right now I'm considering going to wcucom because it's cheaper and older than acom. The only thing that really stands out for acom is the clinical rotations for me.
  28. williameb23

    ACOM Class of 2020

    I thought I'd start a thread for ACOM's 2020 class to connect before July. Congrats and I'm excited to meet all of you! Post any of your questions or comments about the matriculation packet, housing, waitlists, etc. As an OOS matriculant I'd love to hear what everybody is looking forward to at...
  29. NurseCapitanKirk

    ACOM medical equipment package

    So I have been accepted to multiple college and still have a couple interviews to attend but I am most closely looking at attending ACOM. That being said, I just received information regarding the required medical equipment package. If anyone attends ACOM, is this package actually required and...
  30. K

    ACOM vs KCOM

    Finally made an account cause I have an extremely hard decision to make and was hoping for some advice! The biggest worry I have about ACOM is that it is still new and hasn't graduated a class yet. For KCOM I am worried I will have a hard time adjusting to the small town( I am from Houston)...
  31. NurseCapitanKirk

    Should I accept ACOM or VCOM-Auburn and should I attend other interviews?

    So far I have been accepted to ACOM and VCOM- Auburn and still have interviews at LECOM-B, CUSOM, and WCUCOM. I know that ACOM and VCOM-Auburn are newer schools but which one of the two do you recommend me accepting due to my other interviews being past the down payment due date? Also, Should I...
  32. CLAF211

    ACOM vs Touro-Middletown: Thoughts?

    Accepted to both schools and am torn - would appreciate any and all commentary! ACOM: pros: - seemingly stronger rotation network (+ in cities like Montgomery, Mobile, etc) - very impressive interview day (speakers had their stuff together, students seemed engaged and legitimately happy &...
  33. NurseCapitanKirk

    Advice for a ED nurse applying to medical school?

    I just wanted to see what you guys think of my chances of getting into an osteopathic medical school, and based off my scores, where I should be applying. I received my bachelors of Science in Nursing from The University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE) and have been working as a registered nurse in the...
  34. C

    ACOM vs. PCOM-GA

    Hello, I've recently been accepted into both PCOM-GA and ACOM, and I'm having a bit of a hard time deciding. I feel like overall PCOM is a better school and definitely more established, but I fell in love with ACOM when I interviewed there. I liked ACOM a lot, but it still hasn't graduated its...