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  1. W

    Waitlist/ Alterative list question for LECOM/ ACOM?

    Hello! I was waitlisted/ alternative listed at both LECOM-E and ACOM and was wondering if anyone had any insights to share on what or how the process works. How deep do these schools dig into the their waitlists? Do they pick students as soon as room opens up or do they wait until their...
  2. ScrubswithnoSleeves

    What Is the Likelihood of Getting off of the Waitlist at This Point? (Financial Decision)

    Hey All, So I have been accepted to a medical school and plan on attending as of right now, but am still on the waitlist at my top choice school NYULI. NYULI emailed me saying I was on the * high-priority waitlist* and then rejected many of the other applicants on the waitlist according to the...
  3. L

    Wait list odds

    Hello! I have accepted a spot at a dpt program, but just found out that I am on the waitlist at my top choice. I called and they told me I am between 4-8 on the waitlist and the deadline for accepted students is March 29th. Has anyone had any experience with this? Wondering what my odds are on...
  4. EDThoracotomy

    DO Waitlist Support Thread 2020-2021

    I have seen a general one of these that seems to be filled with mainly Allopathic info. Thought I'd throw one up for all my DO hopefuls. Feel free to vent, ask questions and post about WL movement you hear about. Whether you have an A and are on a WL at your preferred school or living in WL...
  5. L

    Wait-listed, now what?

    I got an interview at my #1 school. I was placed on the wait list. What I worry about is with my other interviewers coming up, if I get accepted anywhere else, I'd have to accept their admission offer before hearing anything from my #1 school. So my question is this: what is the general...
  6. 3

    LMU DCOM 2018-2019 Waitlist

    Hey everyone, This is a waitlist thread for LMU DCOM applicants in the 2018-2019 cycle! I don't think we'll start hearing anything until sometime in May but feel free to post here. Good luck to everyone and I hope we all hear good news this cycle!
  7. D

    UM DPT Class of 2022 Acceptance

    Hey Everyone, I was googling in search of finding any forums talking about the acceptance process for UM DPT and came across a thread from last years students that shared who had already been contacted, accepted, and also wait listed. I figured it would be a good idea to do the same here. I...
  8. T

    On hold pre-interview and calling admissions

    Hi guys, I was put on hold pre-interview for my top school last week:(. Since I haven't had an interview yet I felt it was a bit premature to write an LOI at this point but I've pretty much made up my mind that I am going to call the admissions office this week to hopefully boost my chance even...
  9. guerrero08

    Waitlist Limbo?

    Hi Guys, I have a question, I am in the waitlist for the University of Maryland Dental School (I.S applicant) for the upcoming cycle. As of now, I have called the admissions office a couple times and they told me that the class is not full but somehow I do not see any waitlist movement lately...
  10. P

    Top 20 Waitlists Decision

  11. B

    2018 wait list movement

    Source: Admissions Lifecycle - Admissions - AAMC Wait list movement March 15 "From March 16 to the first day of class, notify AMCAS within 2 business days of all admissions acceptance, withdrawal, or deferral actions, either written or verbal, that have been communicated to an applicant. All...
  12. abisho15

    Lincoln Memorial University 2018-2019 Waitlist

    Hey guys. Figured I'd start this thread for anyone else waitlisted like me. I don't think we'll start hearing anything until May, but I know someone who got pulled off randomly in December, so I suppose it isn't too crazy to hope for a miracle this early, haha.
  13. L

    Usciences DPT class of 2021 class

    Hey guys, I got an invitation to an interview dec 10. However, today, I got mail stating I got waitlisted. Any suggestion on how I can prove I should be accepted. I'm aware that usciences only accept approximately 30-35 transfer students. And for those who got accepted, what do you think got you...
  14. S


    Hello, i just got placed on shenandoah waitlist and was #19, was trying to see my chances of getting in and if anyone has gotten in being that high for there waitlist, thanks.
  15. Rainbows&Waterfalls

    Sending updates/letters of intent

    One of the schools that I was waitlisted at is adamant about sending updates and expressing interest. I interviewed there mid-September and was waitlisted mid-October. I am just curious about what the format of these updates should look like, along with what an appropriate length is. Plus, how...
  16. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Mary Baldwin Waitlist

    Hi, I just received my email telling me I was put on the wait list at Mary Baldwin - Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences for the cohort beginning in 2018. Does anyone know how many people usually come off the waitlist or how long I will have to wait to find out!? I really loved their program!
  17. ThunderDog

    Advice for waitlist at 2 TX schools: IS, URM, 3.9 GPA, 500 MCAT

    Does anyone seen or had experience with someone with my similar stats? 3.9 GPA 500 MCAT 64.4 LizzyM URM I interviewed at Houston and Lubbock back in October-November of 2016. I believe my interviews went exceptionally well as we connected pretty easily, but that could just be from my...
  18. P

    Currently on Waitlist...Need advice! (Murphy's Law)

    Get ready for lengthy post :) As the title says, I'm currently wait-listed at three medical schools: 1. FIU 2. GW 3. CWRU (my top choice and incredibly surprised/honored to have received an interview regarding my stats...I also sent my application in September 30 so?...perhaps it has to do with...
  19. L

    NYMC Waitlist 2016-2017

    For anyone currently on the NYMC waitlist, feel free to post any waitlist movement, questions, comments or advice.
  20. F

    Waitlist Thread MD 2017

    For those of us with zero acceptances, one heavy soul, less money than a year ago, and waning hope for the future, who are in need of a little support from our comrades... because I don't think a thread exists for us yet? :hurting::hungover::blackeye::yuck: four waitlists. zero acceptances...
  21. L

    Officially waitlisted at 9 schools…Help!

    So I've heard back from all the programs I applied to and I am on 9 waitlists. I'm struggling to stay hopeful at this point..I guess I'm just looking for any advice on whether I should be persistent with reaching out to schools to consistently check my waitlist status (but I don't want to become...
  22. partypantss

    Have 1 Acceptance/ 5 WLs, When to Send Letter of Intent?

    Hi all, so I'm fortunate enough to have an acceptance to an OOS private school and am on 5 waitlists for various other schools. One of those schools is one of my state schools that I consider my top choice. If I want to send that top choice school a letter of intent, should I do it around now or...
  23. G

    Post-Baccalaureate or Work during Gap Year?

    Hi all, I applied this cycle and it is looking like I may not get in anywhere. I am curious as to what you all think would be a good move during my gap year. I am looking at either enrolling in a one year post-bacc/masters program for biomedical science, or working in a lab/hospital for a...
  24. D

    MD 5 Waitlists What Are My Chances?

    21 y/o white male Texas resident in 4th and final year at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY. MCAT 512 (Chem/Phys 127, Bio/Biochem 130, CARS 127, Psych/Soc 128), cGPA 3.72, sGPA 3.94, Life Sciences major, 1 joint publication in Military Medicine in Sep 2017, 100+ hours of...
  25. T

    Inquiring about waitlist

    Hey guys, I have been wait-listed at two programs now and have received very little information regarding the status of admissions. This whole waiting game seems to be taking forever (even though it's only been a couple of months). What do you guys think about reaching out to a program and...
  26. Future OT2Be

    General Admissions & OTCAS Touro University Nevada 2016-2017 cycle

    Hello I wanted to start a thread for Touro University Nevada to see where everyone is at. I just received an email from Charles stating that I have been put on the wait-list and wanted to see if there were others who have been told the same thing. My interview was January 5th.
  27. GrinningAlpaca

    When to find housing if you're still on waitlists?

    I've put off finding housing for the med school I'm currently accepted to for a while. Was just wondering if I should cement that/really get going on finding a place. What would be the latest possible to figure something out? Should I tell the landlords/etc that I might be leaving before class...
  28. GrinningAlpaca

    Do updates really help at all?

    It feels like they just don't really go anywhere and no one looks at them, especially for waitlisted applicants. The adcom likely does not reconvene for things such as updates.... I have no doubt that they may go seen at some schools but it seems like the vast majority don't take them into...
  29. N

    Waitlist-Should I switch from MDPhD to MD

    I'm a waitlisted applicant for two programs at Georgetown: The MD PhD program, and their MD-only program. Does anyone here know if there is ever any movement on MD-PhD waitlists, or am I better off switching to the MD program to increase my chance of acceptance? I'm worried that while I am on...
  30. M

    Re-applying while on waitlist?

    I'm currently wait-listed at a few schools. I'm making serious plans to re-apply regardless. How does this work? Would I have to withdraw my app from the specific schools before I re-apply? Or should I remain on the wait-list at those schools to maximize chances of acceptance? Thanks a bunch!
  31. S

    How does withdrawing from a waitlist look on reapplication?

    Hi, I'm on the wait-list for University of Florida, but I am no longer considering going there because it is not near my fiancee's career path. I searched around on this website and saw that declining an acceptance and reapplying almost guarantees not getting into any med school. How would it...
  32. AOK AllTheWay

    Wayne State University Wait List Thread 2015-2016

    Hello fellow waitlist warmers. I thought I would start a thread for Wayne State's alternate list. Feel free to share with us your journey to the waitlist and beyond. It could help to state when you applied, interviewed, and were waitlisted. Stats? IS or OOS? That could also be of interest to us...
  33. Phiner.Determination

    PhD/PsyD 2016 Wait-list Blues Counseling Psychology..

    Hey All! I saw this thread created in previous years and thought it would be great to have a support network! Applied to 12 clinical and counseling programs this cycle. Have completed 3/4 interviews so far. I was wait-listed for a two programs post interview, and alternate for one program...
  34. I

    Need advice, Waitlisted.

    I have been interviewed at 3 schools and all of them have put me on the waitlist. Detroit Mercy Roseman University NYU Unfortunately, that is all the schools left that I have applied to. I was wondering, realistically, what are my chances of getting into those schools? Do people from the...
  35. T

    University of Miami DPT

    Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has heard back from The U following their interview? I am so anxious to hear back from them, but it seems from past threads the earliest people hear back is around January and as late as March. Good luck to the rest of you fellow applicants!