Waitlist, Now What?

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Jun 30, 2003
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So, if you get waitlisted, should you send a letter? Some people seem to think you should and others say no you shouldn't. I don't want to be a pain, seem neurotic.

They have everything the need to make a decision. I've accepted the waitlist. Should I hang back and see what happens?

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hey SpiritiualDuck, any idea how many people are on BU's waitlist. I read somewhere else that this is the waitlist you are on. I am on it too and would really like to know how many of us there are.
i have no idea how many are on BU's waitlist. I'd like to know. If we called BU would they tell us? Should we write a letter to BU. Does anyone know how things work at BU. I'm under the impression the list is small and that they have a fair amount of movement and they we're not ranked.