WAMC - 3.79/ 507/ NY ORM ASIAN

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Feb 20, 2024
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Hello! I just got my MCAT grade, which is a bit sad, but if you could help me change school lists or add them, it would be amazing! My MCAT grade is a red flag, and I am also worried a lot (128,126,126,127), and I plan on applying to max 30 MD schools! ORM Female Asian NY resident. I'm a senior graduating this may! I don't think I have a huge X factor :( Very worried if I should retake the MCAT but it is within my FL average scores so I don't think I can study more. + very burnt out toooo

medical assistant, expected hours before applying 500hours/

clinical volunteering ~ 200 hours

Research wet lab (so far ~ 1500 hours), planning to work full time as lab tech/ manager after graduating / 1 pub / 1 pub soon! / 1 poster /

interested in primary care

nonclinical volunteering ~100 hours

shadowing ~ 45 hours

1. Robert Larner, M.D., College of Medicine at the University of Vermont

2. Buffalo

3. SUNY Upstate

4. Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

5. Albany

6. Rosalind Franklin

7. Drexel

8. Eastern Virginia Medical School


10. Quinnipac

11. Temple

12. Medical College of Wisconsin

13.Sidney Kimmel

14. SUNY Down state

15. Mount Sinai

I couldn't think more of the schools to apply, and would be great to hear your advice with cutting down and adding schools! Thank you

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Provide more details about your experiences. Let us determine your lack of "X factor," but you need to describe what your mission fit is.

What DO schools are you considering?