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Jul 22, 2021
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hello! I am looking to finalize my school list for this cycle and wanted some advice on what I have so far. My main question is if I am applying broadly enough, and if there are any “throwaway” schools on my list that wouldn’t be worth applying to for me. I was also concerned on if I have too many low yield schools (5/22 schools). Thanks in advance!

    State/Country of Residence: VA
    Ties to other States/Regions: none
    URM? (Y/N): no
    Year in School: rising senior
    Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): chemistry
    Cumulative GPA: 3.97
    Science GPA: 3.96
    MCAT Score(s): 516
    Research Experience: ~700 hours in biochemistry lab. ~400 hours at summer REU.
    Publications/Abstracts/Posters: 2 posters from biochem lab and 1 poster from REU experience. all posters are first author.
    Clinical Experience (paid or volunteer): ~60 hours at free health clinic, ~200 hours generic hospital volunteering (all halted due to covid).
    Physician Shadowing: 200 in-person hours (split between cardiology, pulmonary, and internal medicine). 8 hours virtual shadowing.
    Non-Clinical Volunteering: ~75 hours mentoring underserved middle schoolers, ~75 hours at animal shelter, ~150 hours with crisis text hotline, ~40 hours scheduling vaccine appts.
    Other Extracurricular Activities: just hobbies and a pre-health frat
    Other Employment History: ~275 hours as a paid chemistry TA, ~200 hours running an org. will be doing an industry research internship this summer (~400 hours)
    Immediate family members in medicine? (Y/N): no
    Specialty of Interest (if applicable): n/a
    Interest in Primary Care (Y/N): yes (if geriatrics counts)
    Interest in Rural Health (Y/N): no

    School List:
    VCU, UVA, EVMS, Virginia Tech, Michigan, Mt Sinai, Maryland, Einstein, Hofstra, Ohio State, Tufts, Arizona Phoenix, Cincinnati, USC, Jefferson, Kaiser, Rochester, Boston, Toledo, Vermont, Wake Forest, Illinois
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