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Feb 6, 2020
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Hey everyone! I was hoping to receive some advice as I am entering my junior year of undergraduate schooling and I am considering applying early to vet school, which would have me attend vet school without completing my bachelor's degree. Here are my stats:

Cumulative GPA: 3.67
Science GPA: 3.57 (physics 1, biochem 1, and human physiology are outstanding prereqs)

Veterinary Experience:
  • 1000 hours at a wildlife rehabilitation clinic
  • 200 hours at a small animal clinic as an intern
  • 500 hours as a veterinary assistant at the same small animal clinic
  • 40 hours shadowing an equine vet (this was during the start of covid so was unable to get more hours)
  • 600 hours shadowing a shelter veterinarian
  • 10 hours volunteering at an ER, will be getting more hours this upcoming school year
Animal Experience:
  • 1500 hours as a humane society volunteer
  • 2000 hours as a humane society employee
  • 40 hours as a farm volunteer (will be getting more hours later this summer)
Research Experience:
  • ~300 hours at the end of this summer doing COVID-19 research with model animals
  • ~20 hours helping with data collection for a chick research project on campus
  • ~200 hours working in my school's biology department as a lab technician to prep our experiments
  • New Member Educator for a service fraternity on-campus
  • Heavily involved in concert band and orchestra since my freshman year of college
  • ~100 hours as a Youth mentor for non-profit helping refugees
I am mainly considering applying to Iowa as an OOS student. What advice do you have?

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You seem to have a pretty good application, but to get in at most vet schools as early as you are trying to, you have to have a stellar, out if this world application. Especially when you are applying that young, many vet schools will not admit you because you are younger, have less experiences, and there are a plethora of older students who are more ready. Unless you really need to apply early, I would encourage you to wait, bring up your GPA a bit if you can, and make sure that you have some strong leadership experiences you can write/talk about.