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Aug 24, 2003
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I am interested in shadowing a DO and was wondering how I should get in touch with one in my area to shadow. Unfortunitely, I do not personally know any so I am left to look in the telephone book or something. HOW SHOULD I FIND ONE TO SHADOW?


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Jan 8, 2004
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I also did not know any D.O.'s in the area, so had to use a phone book. I called a few offices and wrote them letters describing myself and what I was looking for in a volunteer position. This of course needs a lot of persistence, but after a few calls and visits to offices, I found a very good experience. Ideally, you would know some D.O.s to volunteer for, but its ok to use a phone book.
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Nov 8, 2007
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Go to your local Library to the reference section and look for the Doctor Directory (Not sure the real name of it because their may be different editions). In this book is a listing of ALL Doctors both MD and DO. Just look for your surrounding area and write down the name.

You could also go to the directory of your local hospital website and they should have a few DO's listed you could shadow or atleast talk to.

Hope that helps.


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May 28, 2006
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if u do a search there is a thread that lists a D.O. mentor thing where all of the osteopathic physicians in the area that are willign to let students shadow them are listed and you can choose ab unch of them and email them.....i tried it personally and it worked for me but make sure u email a bunch of physicians cuz only 2 ended up replying back to me


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Nov 14, 2007
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A DO school in your state might have compiled a list of doctors to shadow. I know of at least one school that does this.


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Oct 21, 2006
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where are you located? if your located near a DO school they might have some resources. PA and Camden NJ is good about that.

i found one thru a friend ....but i also looked thru my insurance plan's list of providers. you could try that.
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