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Washington State Supplemental?


UC DAVIS class of 2014!!!
5+ Year Member
Jul 15, 2009
  1. Veterinary Student
    Hello everyone!

    This is my first post on the network, and I would love your valuable feedback :)

    I am currently applying to 6 vet schools, and would like to add a 7th, but I'm not quite sure which one to add. I'm looking into Washington State, but I am a bit annoyed that they make applicants pay up front before being able to access their supplemental. I usually wouldn't pick which schools to apply to based on the difficulty of their supplemental, but in this case, since I am so on the fence with this school, not knowing what their app is like is holding me back.

    What I am trying to ask is: for anyone who has already accessed the Washington State supplemental, would you mind letting me know what the major essay questions are, in addition to how extensive the application is as a whole?

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Knowing about the essay questions will really help me decide if I should apply to Washington State, thus finalizing my official list of schools.

    Much luck to everyone :luck:


    Full Member
    10+ Year Member
    May 20, 2008
    1. Veterinarian
      The only essay prompt I remember from last year was similar to an explanation statement, giving the applicants an opportunity to explain poor academic performance in a particular semester.

      The other sections were basic personal information (name, address, etc.), entering grades/course numbers/course titles for their prerequisites, a section to indicate your career interests, and a section asking why you decided to apply to WSU (just checkboxes - website, alumni, etc.). I think there was also a section to indicate experiences not listed on VMCAS, but I could be getting mixed up with the Cornell supplemental.

      I'll take a look at it when I get home and post again if it's more extensive than I'm remembering now, but I didn't think it was too bad.


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      10+ Year Member
      Feb 19, 2008
      Vancouver, BC
      1. Veterinarian
        That is what I was thinking when I first viewed their supplemental application. However when you are on that page that asks that you pay, along the left hand side is a link that says something like "View a sample supplemental application" - and allows you to see what is involved in the application.

        I believe there are actually no additional essays, but you should check it out.
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