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    I was wondering if anyone has more insightful information on COMP's third and fourth year rotation opportunities. I've heard this so far: (1) You have options at hospitals at various locations in California and out-of-state; (2) There are international rotation opportunities for 4th years; (3) You can stay in So Cal (near COMP) for rotations if you want. My questions are: Is it very difficult to obtain and set up rotations, I mean, do the office people work with you? Is it inconvenient to move around every few months...how does housing work? I hope that COMP has positive rotation opportunities/experiences overall. I know sometimes it's difficult. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. If you're a current 3rd or 4th yr COMP student, please reply!
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    You must stay within 90 miles of the school for core rotations. I met a few of 4th years my first week of school and they were complaining that the office was not too helpful in setting up rotations. You should go to COMP 2006 & 2007 thread and PM some people with your specific questions. :thumbup:

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