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Dec 27, 2008
1. Background: 20 year old Undergraduate at Manhattan College, BA Biology. NY State Resident

2. Overall GPA: 3.45

3. Science GPA: 3.38
(Started College with a 3.73 and then got a 2.7 GPA my second semester sophmore year because of family issues and got a 3.8 gpa my two semesters after on mostly high level science classes) 3.73, 3.33, 3.37, 2.71, 3.81, 3.81

3. MCAT: 32p

4. EC's: 140 hours in ED of city hospital, Neurosurgery research at NY medical College for 2 years, PhiDe Medcial Fraternity, Sunday School Volunteer teacher for 4 years, Publicist and Chief Editor of Church Youth Organization of America for 4 years, 1 week medical service in Brazil

5. My AIM schools: New York Medical College (Brother is a NY Medical College alumni), Stony Brook University and SUNY Downstate

So, what are my chances of getting into on of my "AIM" schools or any medical school for that matter. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.


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Apr 4, 2007
Wow. That one bad semester really hurt your GPA.

Your current stats put you below the point where I'd say you have a reasonable chance at the least selective of your AIM schools, namely NYMC. If you were willing to put in another year of GPA repair, and got a near 4.0 for two semesters, you'd have a GPA just below 3.6. Then I'd say you'd have a good shot. The extra time could help bring up your BCPM GPA from its current unimpressive level. Your research experience is above average. Your leadership experience is great and a bit "different". A week of medical service in Brazil should give you good fodder for a Personal Statement (and having done this sort of thing, I realize the experience can vary widely in terms of how much hands-on help you gave, and what you got to see). But frankly, your other clinical experience is pretty average (relative to your competition). You'd benefit from additional volunteering, perhaps in another venue than the ER, and some shadowing time (there's still time for the latter before winter break is over).

All that said, you do still have a semester to boost your application, and maybe you can get it in better shape before you submit to AMCAS. Any predictions on next semester's GPA?


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Aug 1, 2005
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I agree with the above. You need to raise the GPA.

You might get in but you will need some luck on your side. Apply and see what happens and prepare for another run if you do not get in this year.
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