What are my chances for MD? 3.76 cgpa, 3.68 sgpa, 516 MCAT

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Sep 19, 2017
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Hi guys! KY resident here. My stats are 3.75 cgpa, 3.68 sgpa, and 516 MCAT.

Important extracurriculars
- 220 hours clinical shadowing in pediatric hospital (various specialties)
- 30 hours clinical volunteering in ED
- 180 hours in peer health education (leadership role in this organization)
- 450 hours working as pharm tech
- 80 hours of anthropology/psychology research
~350 nonclinical volunteer hours

I am taking a gap year and have recently started as a medical scribe in the ED.

So far I have submitted my primary to:
University of Kentucky
University of Louisville
University of Cincinnati
Ohio State University

Any suggestions for schools to add to my list?? I’d like to stay relatively close to Kentucky (driving distance) for family reasons.
I’m thinking of applying to Vanderbilt as a reach school - is it worth it??


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First, congrats on a stellar app! You are competitive for many programs.

Others here will be much more helpful than me when it comes to specific schools to check out, but common recommendation is to invest in the MSAR as a guiding reference. Have you done that already? If not, check it out while others respond with specific schools to check out, too.

Best of luck to you.
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