what are my chances

  1. dtugadawg

    Chances of admission

    home state Georgia UGA Junior: 3.91 GPA 3.97 non science and 3.86 Science , 515 MCAT Clinical Shadowing 100 Peds, 40 Ortho, 20 ENT Clinical Volunteering: 1 year: 3-4hours a week (60+ hours, but will continue this next year so around 110 or so on app) In addition, committee leader for large...
  2. clparsnick

    What do I need to fix to get in?

    I'm going into my third application cycle this year for vet school and it's getting to be super draining. I can't seem to get past the waitlist. So if anyone has any recc based on my stats below I would love to hear it! Vet experience: -I am currently an LVT who works in a low cost clinic and...
  3. G

    Seeking advice for my gap years (acquiring additional research experience) -- please advise

    Hi everyone, I am writing today because I am seeking guidance regarding my gap years. I am in a special situation because after trying to decide between a regular MD and an MD/Ph.D., I finally decided to pursue an MD/Ph.D. However, I have only a year of undergrad research--since I transferred...
  4. M

    WAMC interview/accepted into MD program

    First post on here: I graduated last May 2019 with a B.S in Chemistry. GPA: 3.7 1st MCAT(2018): 499 2nd MCAT(2020): 518 Extracurricular Activities: -Shadowing(approx. 100 hours) -Medical clinic Volunteering(approx 150 hours) -3 semesters of independent organic chemistry research; currently...
  5. C

    Chem PhD nontraditional with limited clinical experience but otherwise good app - what do you think?

    Hey guys, I’m a non traditional MD applicant looking at applying this May 2020 and I need advice. I have a PhD in chemistry from a top 5 school, lots of research, > 10 publications, GPA 3.8, and have worked the last two years in biotech/pharma consulting. MCAT is in April but have been getting...
  6. halo1789

    Low sGPA, nursing student, 503 mcat

    What are my chances getting into DO school? I live in Mississippi SGPA- 2.7 which is very low I know CGPA- 3.2 I never took physiology in undergrad and only took one anatomy course. i went to an SMP and took medical physiology one and two and got C’s in them because I had no clue about...
  7. C

    MD cGPA 3.73 sGPA 3.52 What are my chances and where should I apply?

    White Female State: Illinois 3.73 overall GPA 3.52 sGPA majors biology/ spanish 513 on AAMC practice MCAT 126 CP 131 CARS 128 BS 128 PS ECs 4 years of health psychology research shadowing/ hospital volunteer volunteer translator founded genetics club on my campus/ officer positions member of...
  8. H

    WAMC/could someone help with my school list?

    Year in school: Senior (applying next cycle, some hours are projected based on current and past trends) Country/state of residence: Wyoming GPA: 3.87 cGPA, 3.82 sGPA. Physiology major, minors in chemistry and molecular biology. Large state school. GPA majorly brought down by a C in a...
  9. E

    Pre-Med-->Pre-Dental. Am I on track?

    Thank you for any help with this in advance! I graduated last May from college thinking medical school. I graduated with: cGPA: 3.78 sGPA: unsure but guessing 3.3-3.5 Research hours: 2000 hrs Hospital orderly: 1000 hrs Currently full time CNA for a dermatology clinic and will be there from...
  10. T

    This is where I am at

    Hi everyone hope everyone is doing well, I appreciate you taking the time to read about my situation and I value your input. I am currently technically a senior with 85 credits, according to my school I am an upper junior. Unfortunately I made a lot of mistakes, (bad studying habits, asking...
  11. BenKenobi

    Last Minute School List Additions?

    I completed my application at 28 schools between mid-July and the end of August (list below) and have yet to hear back from any at this time. I understand it is still way too early to stress about IIs just after Labor Day; however, before it is too late to correct any mistakes in my school list...
  12. O

    is there hope for me or should I do post bacc or try the caribbeans??

    This is really embarrassing for me to say long story short due to my bad study habits and lack of motivation/ discipline my gpa suffered in college. I used to be a 4.0 AP student in highscool but now have around a 2.8 sci gpa and had to repeat a bunch of science classes :bag: (pitiful I know)...
  13. A

    What are my chances to be accepted to medical school after pharmacy school.

    Hey Everybody, So I just finished my last year of pharmacy school and thinking about going to medical school. My undergrad gpa was a 2.9 and had a 4.0 at Temple pharmacy school. My overall gpa is a 3.45 and I recently took the mcat last winter and got a 514. I have 2 medical publications and 5...
  14. HelloWorld123

    What are my chances?

    I've always said I wouldn't do this...but here I am. What are my chances of getting into a good medical school? Also, what are the schools I should be shooting for? Age: 23 Ethnicity: Black/African American Gender: Female State of Residence: Georgia Undergrad: Ivy GPA: 3.5 MCAT: 507 Details...
  15. R

    URM, 520, downward trend, 3.6c, 3.5s

    Hi Posting for a friend applying 2020- AA male NYC 3.60 cumulative gpa 3.50 science gpa 520 MCAT STRONG research STRONG leadership GOOD letters of rec OK clinical & nonclinical experience Yearly Trend: 3.9 - 3.9 - 3.4 - 3.2 1. Would you recommend an additional semester to raise gpa to show at...
  16. B

    3.72cGPA/500->504 (lol) MCAT/URM

    I just want an idea of what my school list should look like, I feel like i know a lot but i also dont think i know enough so your help would be very appreciate As stated in my title, I graduated May last year i have cGPA: 3.72, sGPA: 3.62, finished freshman year with a 3.4 GPA because of...
  17. T

    School List help / WAMC. 3.91 sGPA/cGPA 515 MCAT

    Thank you for your suggestions!
  18. 1

    Help with school list! (3.96 GPA, 3.9 sGPA, ~517 MCAT)

    3.96 GPA, 3.9 sGPA large public school in the Northeast, Bio major expect to score around 517 on the MCAT ( I take it this week) Residency: PA (live in Ohio, will have Ohio residency by matriculation) ORM ECs resident assistant for 3 semesters pre-health honors society learning assistant for 1...
  19. L

    Cycle for Fall 2020. What are my chances??

    I want anyone to give me their honest opinions, here are my statistics as of 5/13/19 below. Cum GPA: 3.19 Last 45 GPA: 3.02 (w/o summer classes) and 2.88 (w/ summer classes) GRE: Not taken yet. Veterinary Hours 35 Hours Shadowing 17 Hours for Pre-Vet Conference Employment Sales Associate (Dec...
  20. T

    522, 3.85, lackluster ECs, WAMC and School List?

    cGPA: 3.85, sGPA: 3.78. (upward trend, 3.95 average after freshman year) MCAT: 522 (131/131/129/131) Residence: TX Race: Asian, Male (ORM) Undergrad: State school, Major: Biology, Minors: Medical Humanities, Chemistry Clinical Experience: 80 hours volunteering and shadowing at a medical clinic...
  21. C

    SMP while Applying to Med School?

    Hey Everyone! I'm currently going to apply to medical school for the next cycle as I am a current senior and I need some help regarding deciding if I should do a SMP or not! Im looking into applying about 30 schools both MD & DO but I recently got accepted to an SMP program at Kansas City...
  22. T

    What are my chances! All advice and suggestions would be very helpful!

    Hey guys just wanted everybody's input on my situation or any advice you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated. My overall GPA right now is a 3.1 with 2 more semesters left till I graduate. The GPA I hold now is due to an upward trend with the past year and a half having a GPA no less...
  23. C

    What are my chances for DO schools

    cGPA: 3.3 sGPA: 3.3 MCAT: 517 Excellent Extra-curriculars, with leadership work, good reference letters, shadowing, clinical experience No problems in Extra-curricular and clinical work. What are my chances for DO schools? also MD schools...probably not?
  24. T

    Unbalanced sGPA and cGPA. Uneasy about school list. WAMC

    Hello all. I am currently a senior in undergrad and working on developing my school list. Unfortunately my cGPA and sGPA are rather unbalanced due to poor decisions made during high school (dual-credit). This leaves me pretty confused about what schools to apply to. Any and all advice is greatly...
  25. F

    Help with school list ---> not sure if too top heavy

    3.9X GPA and 510 MCAT (124 CARS) from a top 20 university in north State of residence: PA Current Academic Standing: junior List: Temple Jefferson PSU Drexel UPenn (reach) Pitt (reach) Rutgers Robert Wood Cooper Miami GW Georgetown NYMC SUNY Downstate Tufts Wake Forest VCU...
  26. DrMrsP

    sGPA 3.58, cGPA 3.59, gGPA 3.8, MCAT 509 WAMC

    sGPA: 3.58* cGPA: 3.59* grad GPA: 3.8 Final MCAT 509, first two MCAT attempts 495 :( White girl, MO resident. Did my master's at KCUMB. My GPA is calculated according to AACOMAS* Three years of scribe experience with MDs and DOs in the ER and now in an OB/GYN office. I have LOR from faculty at...
  27. N

    Mental Health ruined my chances?

    I was in the psych hospital this week due to a bad reaction to my antidepressants. Because of this I am planning on applying for a partial medical withdrawal, potentially I may have to do a full medical withdrawal to preserve my scholarship. Can I still become a doctor after this? SOS
  28. D

    Where To Go From Here?

    I applied only to Iowa this past cycle and got an interview, but was denied - I was wondering what is necessary for my application to be competitive at the schools I listed when I apply next cycle. Overall GPA: 3.35 Science GPA: 3.15 DAT score: AA: 19, BIO: 18, GC: 18, OC: 18 QR: 20, RC: 19...
  29. T

    Which schools should I apply to?

    Hi Everyone, I've recently have had a tough time deciding what to do with my life.
  30. angryfruitbat

    MD cGPA 3.81; sGPA 3.75; MCAT TBD

    Hi all, I go to a Texas public school and plan to apply May 2019. I still have this Spring semester left and haven't taken the MCAT. Currently I have a cGPA of 3.81 and sGPA of 3.75. I'm worried about my ECs. When I apply I will have: ~100 hours clinical volunteering (patient check in at local...
  31. A

    Is my goal MCAT score realistic?

    I just took my first MCAT diagnostic over Christmas break and got a 504. I start seriously prepping in April to take the MCAT end of July. My original goal was 518. Realistically, is that a viable goal? I reviewed my test and my biggest weaknesses were Biochem-related questions (I'm taking...
  32. V

    MD & DO Doubting My Chances..

    I'm going to make this as short as possible. Starting to have the unsure feeling in my gut of my future in medicine. 100% okay with DO schools at this point. Applying the 2019 cycle EARLY. Here is my resume: GPA: cGPA: 3.55 - sGPA: 3.23 (=/) - MCAT: 505 Shadowing: 150 hours ER (DO & MD), 25...
  33. D

    Low GPA, haven't taken the DAT yet

    Hey guys, I'm like...really really worried...like I'm almost ready to give up. I've had a hard time at college. Depression and anxiety have held me back a lot from even getting out of the house and going to school, and it's hit me hard in a lot of areas. I have a 2.92 GPA, and I've gotten...
  34. C

    I might have shot myself in the foot...

    Hello SDN. Sorry about the length of the original post, its my first time using the forums. Background - Age: 24 - Ethnicity: Filipino (Born in the Philippines, moved to America and became an American Citizen) - State of Residence: NJ - Major: B.S. Science w/ Minor in Psychology at a 4-year...
  35. F

    Need advice and help to get into dental school

    Need advice. I have an engineering degree and now in Barry Masters Medical Science program trying to get into dental school. I need advice Undergraduate Engineering Overall GPA: 2.90 Graduate school Medical Biomedical program GPA: 3.28 (Ethics: A, Anatomy: B, Physiology: B, Medical...
  36. J

    MD What are my chances? HELP

    Check out my CV and let me know what to improve on. What are my chances for allopatric med. school?