What are my chances for PT?

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Oct 10, 2015
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I was premed in undergrad but after volunteering in the PT unit of a hospital I felt really strongly about making the switch.

My undergrad GPA is okay, 3.48 overall, 3.82 major GPA (overall is actually a little higher, I took a few post baccalaureate classes that I got 4.0s in)

My dream school is UW Seattle, and looking through their prerequisites it says you can pick any combination of classes. Using my highest grades, my GPA is as follows:

General Chemistry 1 - 3.2
General Chemistry 2 - 3.5
General Biology 1 - 3.1
General Biology 3 - 3.2
Statistics - 4.0
Physics 1 - 3.2
Physics 3 - 3.2
Psychology 4.0
A&P 1 A+ (current predicted grade taken at a different university)

Should I retake any classes? For financial reasons I would likely be retaking them at a community college or spread out at UW. I anticipate a high score on the GRE and I will spend the next year or two volunteering in a PT clinic or working at one.

What are my chances?

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I got in and you have better stats than me. Apply and retake some classes at Community College just in case. See if you can get a PT aide job as well to get strengthen your resume.
I took every single prereq at a CC after undergrad and got into both programs I applied to, so don't worry about taking them there. :)

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Washington is a very competitive program but overall your chances are probably average, depending on other aspects of your application.