Mar 25, 2021
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Hi All!

I am new to applying to med schools, as I was previously trying to apply for Physician assistant school and really never had my heart set on becoming a doctor until recently. Just a little back story: I am 24 y/o, graduated college in 2019, and have since worked in a clinical immunology laboratory as a med tech, and started working at the ER as an EMT. I originally had kind of convinced myself that PA school was right for me b/c I would get fewer loans as well as be able to treat and diagnose patients right away and choose any specialty after 2 years of completing schooling. Which at the time sounded like a win-win situation. After working at the ER I have seen many health care professionals MD, DO, PA, NP, nurses, techs, and have really been able to pinpoint that I actually think I want to go to medical school to become a doctor. As much as I wanted to be a PA previously I realized that I really value being able to practice autonomously and would not mind specializing in one area!

Anyways, I was wondering if I could pull some advice from anyone who is currently applying to DO schools or has been accepted from a DO school .. really any advice would be great!

I am planning on applying this year.. but do not know if that is a possibility as I have not taken the MCAT... I was planning to take my MCAT at the end of this summer and start studying now to give myself some space to do content review/ couple of months of just practice tests. MCAT score wants/ wishes/ goal: 514+. & Hopefully having my scores/ apps submitted by October 2021 for DO 2021-2022 cycle.

Bachelors in Biology
-cGPA: 3.53
-SGPA: 3.39
-Health care experience: research aide 2 years (no publications), clinical lab aide 2 years, Immunology med-tech 2 years, EMT-B in ambulance 7 mos, ER tech 1.5 years
-ECs: peds inpatient floor volunteer 300 hrs, ER volunteer 20 hours
-No shadowing

Is applying in October going to be too late? What are my chances with my stats? should I take more science classes to boost my sGPA? should I just apply the following cycle if too late? Thanks in advance!


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Sep 15, 2012
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October is not late to apply to DO schools. As long as your MCAT score is at least 500 you should receive interviews at DO schools. Post your actual score here in the future.
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